30 inspiring examples of 3D art

21. Space Girl

Space Girl took Gonzalez several months to complete

Carles Gonzalez has worked for several companies and titles, in videogames and film. Gonzalez worked on this 3D art piece Space Girl in his spare time, with it taking him several months to complete. "My favourite part of the creative process is the sketching and initial stages," he says.

22. The story of courage, betrayal and love!

Forget Godzilla – Fatzilla is here!

In this inspiring example of 3D art, motion designer Yaroslav Primachenko used ZBrush to model this cool character, 3ds Max for preparing the rest of the scene and retopology, V-Ray for rendering and Photoshop for the scene's post-production effects.

We also love his everyday renders collection, especially the gold female face, Shattered.

23. Level 10

A combination of 3ds Max, ZBrush, V-Ray and Photoshop helped to create this cool 3D image

Toni Bratincevic is the senior environment modeller for a major videogame company, but has experience in all aspects of 3D, from rigging and animation to final compositing. This particular piece of 3D art took him around four to five weeks, working, on average, two to three hours a day on it.

24. Sunny Sunday Morning

Alexandrino's room looks relaxing

Tiago Alexandrino specialises in creating architectural visualisations for private clients. Taking just five or six days, he created this perfect, relaxing Sunday 3D art scene using 3ds Max and V-Ray.

25. Ebola Virus

Kashpersky’s Ebola Virus is as beautiful as it is malignant

Medical artist Alexey Kashpersky has won international competitions in scientific visualisation, and his beautiful 3D art rendering of the Ebola virus is a fine example of his skills. "I wanted to transform Ebola into something fantastic and something that had its own unique character," he explains. The image took him three months to complete, with everything modelled by hand.

26. Southern ground hornbill

This ultra-realistic Southern Ground Hornbill was created using tools from multiple 3D software packages

No, we haven't included a rogue photograph to trick you, this is really 3D art. The stunning Southern Ground Hornbill image was crafted entirely in 3D by artist Léandre Hounnake. The realistic render was achieved using a combination of Sculptris, 3ds Max, Mudbox, V-Ray, MultiScatter and Hair and Fur.

27. Rebuild

Freelance 3D and concept artist Neil Maccormack created this cool character using Lightwave and Photoshop

Neil MacCormack is a freelance 3D and concept artist based in Geneva, Switzerland. His online portfolio is full of awe-inspiring 3D art, but our favourite is this cool robot character, which he created using Lightwave and Photoshop.

28. Teacher's Nightmare

We love the attention to detail in this scene – the target on the teacher's back is our favourite addition

This pair of mischievous-looking characters were created by modeller Omer Messler and 3D generalist Adi Cohen. The entire scene was created using 3ds Max and Mental Ray renderer. Working together was a new experience for the duo, but as two minds are greater than one, they managed to complete the detailed piece of 3D art in just two months.

29. Far Far Away

Peter Nowacki used 3ds Max, V-Ray and Marvelous Designer to create this image

Two years in the making, Far Far Away is a celebration of children's imaginations created by Warsaw-based artist Peter Nowacki. "Children are now focusing on videogames instead of playing outside and I wanted to showcase a time when their imaginations were all they had," he explains.

30. Stan 'The Man'

Hakim Lie created this ultra-realistic portrait of comic book legend Stan Lee

From a comic book character to a comic book legend, this amazing 3D art portrait of Stan Lee was created by Andrew Hakim Lie. The talented 3D artist produced this image using 3ds Max, ZBrush, V-Ray renderer, and Photoshop, for the final part of an intensive CG course.

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