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The 30 Best Photoshop Tutorials of 2009

We present the finest advanced guides from the past year.

With Photoshop firmly established as the graphics software of choice for the creative industry, it's no surprise that there are more and more sites cropping up devoted to providing helpful tutorials for Adobe's image behemoth.

Finding your way through this maze of walkthroughs can be something of a nightmare, though. With this in mind, we trawled the deep, dark recesses of the net to identify the 30 best Photoshop tutorials of 2009. Whether you're after advanced advice on font trickery or you hanker for detailed guides on photo manipulation, you're sure to find something here to help you while away those long winter nights and boost your Photoshop know-how in the process.

1. Create a trendy galactic poster design in Photoshop


2. Colourful glowing text effect in Photoshop

glow text

3. Create a leather-textured realistic briefcase icon

leather texture

4. How to create a retro boxing poster in Photoshop

boxing poster

5. Design a realistic 3D baseball cap in Photoshop

3d baseball

6. Easy starlight in Photoshop

easy starlight

7. How to make a dark, post-apocalyptic city illustration

post apocolyptic

8. Create an abstract style, vibrant jumping man scene in Photoshop

jumping man

9. Design a vibrant Blackberry-inspired ad in Photoshop

blackbury ad

10. Digital painting tutorial by Vitaly Alexius

paint tutorial

11. Manipulate smoke to create hyperreal images


12. Killer 3D poster design with 3DS Max and Photoshop

3d photoshop

13. Create a realistic outer space scene in Photoshop

space scene

14. Create a realistic space scene from scratch with Photoshop

space scene

15. Create 3D text with some extreme lighting

3d text

16. Design an epic fantasy scene with Photoshop

epic fantasty

17. Create cool neon effects

cool neon

18. How to create a photo manipulation of a flooded city scene

photo manipulation

19. How to create an impressive-looking text effect

impressive text

20. Use lighting effects to make photos sparkle

photo sparkle

21. How to create a side view concept car

concept car

22. Lighting a giant elephant

giant elephatn

23. Dazzling dance photo manipulation

dance manipu

24. Designing a typographic concept poster

type poster

25. How to create a planet icon set in Photoshop

planet icon

26. How to design a vintage horror movie poster in Photoshop

vintage horror

27. Creating a space-helmeted future retro illustration

space helmet

28. Make yourself an amazing typographic portrait

typo face

29. Create a furious pink panther poster

pink panther

30. Design a retro futurism space scene


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