Pepsi ads make commuters jump out of their skin

Tigers, meteorites and aliens appear out of nowhere in these incredible augmented reality ads.

London's commuters are known for their heads-down, keep-yourself-to-yourself attitude to travelling in public. So to get their attention you need to go to amazing lengths - and that's just what Pepsi has done with this incredible augmented reality-based campaign.

While video-based posters are now a familiar sight on the British capital's passenger networks, the soft drinks giant has raised the stakes with these brilliantly designed video screens.

It's a simple but clever idea - using a live video feed, commuters are tricked into thinking the screens are just giant windows. Until that is, shocking images of monsters, explosions and wild animals are overlaid on to the normal street view, giving some unwary travellers the fright of their lives.

It's part of a wider trend to use technology to grab passengers' attention - similar examples include this Adobe bus shelter ad and these Harry Potter style subway screens. We can't wait to see what the advertising industry comes up with next!


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