Jump into the new Super Mario pop-up diner

Artist and designer Camille Walala pays homage to the latest edition in the classic video game series

Fire Flowers, POW Blocks and Goomba's Shoes are just some of the familiar graphics covering the walls, floors and ceilings at the Paper Mario pop-up diner in London this week. 

Tables, placemats and even staff uniforms have been given the Paper Mario treatment, using corrugated cardboard landscapes and hologram stickers, all of which pop-up in 3D.

The decoration is the work of artist and designer Camille Walala, who worked with Margaret London to transform The Breakfast Club in Spitalfields for the launch of Paper Mario: Sticker Star - the first Paper Mario game in five years.

The diner is open and operating as usual, with diners experiencing the special 'paperised' Mario take-over today, Wednesday November 21, 7:30am-11pm.

You can find the Paper Mario Pop-up Diner at the Breakfast Club, Spitalfields, 12-16 Artillery Lane, London, E1 7LS.