This notepad app could make you switch from paper to screen

Mosaic from Baron Fig is an notebook app that doesn’t replace the pen and paper, but empowers it.

baron fig mosaic

Could Mosaic be the notebook app you've been searching for?

The notebook market is a battlefield – with Moleskine the usual favourite, there are also superb design notebooks that aren't Moleskines. There's no denying designer's love their paper notebooks but digital apps are more convienient than ever. Recently, Baron Fig decided to merge the two and came up with Mosaic.

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"Here at Baron Fig we don't separate analog from digital in our minds. A digital notebook and an analog notebook are simply tools that are good at different things — and together they're even more powerful," explains Baron Fig co-founder Adam Kornfield. "Just like with our Confidant notebook, we emailed thinkers all over the world to get feedback on what they'd like to see in a notebook on their phone.

"The feedback was phenomenal, and we used it as a guide to create a simple app that allows for a load of flexibility. We created an entry-based system that hasn't been done before, which lets the user create notes or lists on the fly without changing settings or fumbling with options. On top of that, we included the ability to add images to your pages." Take a look at Mosaic for yourself and let us know what you think.

baron fig mosaic

baron fig mosaic

baron fig mosaic

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