Become a cartoon with ToonCamera for iPhone

Holy smoke, you’re a toon! Turn everything into animation with this slick app.

ToonCamera turns something you've filmed into a cartoon

ToonCamera is an instant-rotoscoping app, meaning that it turns the lines and colours of something you’ve filmed into a cartoon version.

You can choose from a range of drawing styles, from paintings to pencil drawings to chalk, and then choose the 'line style' - different variations on the main style you’ve chosen. They're all applied instantly to the live view, so you can see what the finished video or photo will look like.

You can apply ToonCamera's effects to existing clips or take new ones in the app

The results are excellent, too, and you can apply the effects to photos and videos you’ve already taken. Well-lit videos should produce good results.

The only real wrinkle is that its output can be a bit low-res: the videos it takes aren’t HD, while it converted out iPhone 4S’s videos to 720p instead of their native 1080p. Video quality is impressive, though, and it’s a steal at 69p.

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Key info

  • Price: 69p/99ç
  • Works with: iPhone, iPod Touch
  • Version: 3.2
  • App size: 4.8MB
  • Developer: Code Organa LLC
  • Age rating: 4+

Our Verdict 8/10

Good fun, good quality, and very good value app that does exactly what it says on the Toon. (Sorry.)
  • Real-time effects
  • Variety of drawing styles
  • Can apply effects to existing videos or photos
  • Price
  • Low-res video

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