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All you need to know about Autodesk's animation software is here. Find out what's new and check out loads of 3D art and animations created using Maya. Make this page your destination for all things Maya...

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UPDATED: 25 Sept Check out 3D World's Maya 2013 review

Autodesk's Maya has proved invaluable to the CG industry. Here you'll find useful information on Maya-related content, from reviews and tutes to animations and arkwork. Enjoy!

Maya 2012 review

Find out whether the improvements and enhancements in the latest annual update to Maya 2012 justify an upgrade.

Maya 2013 review

Patrick Finn looks at the new release of Autodesk’s animation software and discovers that it’s good news for animators.

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Now it's time to fire up your copy of Maya and get creative:

Maya tutorials

01. How to create effects using Force Fields
In a series of four videos, master of Maya Eric Keller shows you how to use a texture map to control nParticle effects. Sounds complicated, but it's actually much easier than you might think.

02. How to render a mirrored normal map in mental ray
Antony Ward helps you overcome a tricky rendering issue in Maya that can show an unsightly seam on a mirrored object. Ever had that problem? Here's how to fix it.

03. How to create dynamic smoke trails
Maya tutorials guru Eric Keller returns to explain how the software's powerful fluid emission tools can help you animate a realistic smoke trail following a flying rocket.

04. How to create a brushed metal material in Maya
Some Maya tutorials are essential to building up your core skills. In this one, Firat Enderoglu shows you how to easily and quickly achieve a realistic metallic finish that you can apply to your 3D models.

05. Gimbal explained in Escape's free Maya tutorial
Escape Studios has released its latest free tutorial in which VFX tutor Lee Danskin covers Gimbal and rotation order, explaining what it is, what causes it, and the issues it has within Maya-authored animations.

06. How to create models that look like clay
To make a model look like clay you have to find a good balance of model detail and displacements. Not only that, but you need to have materials and lights that support the look. Everything is explained in this tutorial.

07. How to create your own TV ident
Use Maya and After Effects to create your own channel ident for a fictitious TV station.

08. How to create a robot and rig tank tracks

In this series of nine videos, Antony Ward creates a cute robot to demonstrate the principles of rigging a rotating track.

09. Free Escape Studios tutorial: Volume caustics for Maya
Escape Studios has another new free tutorial for Maya users. Learn how to set up a complex scene and generate lighting effects through volumetric material.

10. How to create a switchable IK/FK character rig
Another member of our Maya tutorials team, Chad Robert Morgan, shows you how some clever scripting can help you establish a character rig that transitions smoothly between animation states.

11. Build a steampunk model in Maya
Patrick Finn shows you how to use hard-surface modelling techniques to create a stylised mechanical bird.

For a collection of Maya tutes, head to our sister site Creative BloQ and try out one of these mighty Maya tutorials, which include working with mental ray, guide curves and character rigging.

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Art created using Maya

Here's a selection of the best new 3D renders created using a variety of software including 3ds Max, Cimena 4D, V-Ray, Photoshop, Nuke, Lightwave, Blender, Maya, mental ray and ZBrush. Find out how the 3D artists created these awesome 3D images...
See CG art created using Maya and other 3D software

Top Maya animations

Find out how this epic animated short about monsters vs robots was created using a combination of Autodesk’s Maya, Adobe’s After Effects and Photoshop.
Watch Godaizer and read the making-of article

Find out how this comedic animated short about a guy with a passion for working nine-til-five was created using a combination of Maya, Nuke and Mental Ray.
Watch Waking Gus

Watch this short black comedy animation about the Reaper’s attempts at claiming a soul and find out how it was created using Maya, Mental Ray, Fusion and Photoshop
Watch Temps Mort

Find out how 3D animation The Cursors Curse was created using Maya, Nuke and After Effects as director Richard Gillies takes us behind the scenes.
Watch The Cursors Curse

Useful Maya 3D animation software sites

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