30 brilliantly creative resumés

We all know finding work in the creative industry is extremely competitive, even if you do have a killer design portfolio. With so many talented people in the world, just getting noticed is a job in itself. So creatives all over the world have been coming up with unusual strategies for job resumés to gain an edge in the hunt for employment. Here are 30 brilliant examples of creative resumés to help you reinvent your CV.

You'd be all over this if it turned up in the post

This portfolio mail package created by Robynne Redgrave, a Canadian graphic designer based in Helsinki, is a real attention-grabber. It contains not only her CV but a whole load of stuff including a hand-bound portfolio book, a letter of intent, application form and certificates.

An animated CV is a bit of a risky proposition, but Livia Natalie's effort really pays off. It's beautifully animated, covers all the salient points that prospective employers need to know about her, and it's done and dusted in just over a minute, which makes it a lot more likely that people will sit through the whole thing.

What happens if the recipient uses it and breaks their neck?

We've seen all manner of CVs printed on unlikely objects (and featured some of them here), but this is definitely the first time we've seen a resumé printed on a skateboard. Well played, Jairo Alzate. It can't be particularly cost-effective, but still, well played.

Benjamin Benhaim's 3D CV really stands out

Inspired by this great-looking flat CV from Jimmy Raheriarisoa, Paris-based art director and motion designer Benjamin Benhaim set to work and made this stunning 3D rendered resumé. Created using Cinema 4D, Octane and After Effects, it covers all the bases and features plenty of playful touches, and each image took around seven minutes to render. Time well spent!

05. Hire the Donald

What are the chances, eh?

Turns out that even if your CV shows you to be racist, sexist, arrogant, exploitative and fraudulent, not to mention woefully inexperienced and utterly unqualified, you can still get the job. Go figure.

06. The whole package

sid santos

Although this one isn't on an actual packaging - but it displays Sid Santos' expertise perfectly - conceptual design, illustration and package design (all seen in the text) are skills demonstrated, along with an obvious proficiency with numerous digital art softwares. His previous CV was no less impressive - prospective clients could print it off and create their very own 3D helpbox, courtesey of some innovative design.

07. The Flowchart

hire craig baute

Craig Baute created a helpful flowchart as part of his resumé, so that his potential employer could easily decipher why he was the man for the job. The technique was so successful he landed an interview with Apple. Although he never worked at there, he has built a successful career for himself, so perhaps some crafty arrogance is a-okay when it comes to a CV!

08. Facebook Feed

sabrina facebook cv

Sabrina Saccoccio took a new, yet undeniably familiar approach to her curriculum vitae. We are all told Facebook is the new resumé and like it or not employers will find yours - but what if you just fed it to them straight off? Sabrina's approach definitely captures the imagination while being easy to read in a format we are all more than familiar with - and she even added a quirky comments section!

09. Illustrated book

lucia paul cv

Lucia Paul has used her resumé as a showcase for her illustration skills by creating an intricately doodled book. The freelancer created the entire thing from scratch, from the simple but effective frontcover and spine to the detailed illustrations within. Lucia has landed jobs with Smart (as in the cars), Lycra and Staples to name but a few, so she must be doing something right!

10. Gameboy

robby leonardi

Robby Leonardi is a multidisciplinary designer based in New York City. Specialising in illustration, graphic design, animation, and front-end development, he has worked with the likes of Fox, Speed TV, FX Networks, myNetworkTV, and G4. His incredibly fun interactive design resumé will have you scrolling for hours!

11. Box of chocolates

creative resumes

Life is like a box of chocolates for designer Rob Jervis

"I handed out and emailed way more conventional CVs than I can remember, and got a response from about two or three of those," recalls designer Rob Jervis. "So I redesigned my CV and turned it into a box, learning how to make the chocolates inside as well (Oreo truffles, peanut butter cups, amaretto ganaches, etc)." LFH called Jervis up an hour after receiving his chocolate-themed resume and offered him a paid internship, which led to a full time job.

12. Personal portfolio

creative resumes

Scott Duffey wanted to leave a lasting impression, placing this at the back of his portfolio

Designer Scott Duffey created this desktop scene to use in the back of his portfolios as his resume. "I wanted to end my portfolio in a way that would leave an impression," explains . "I wanted to be remembered by my interviewer, so I needed to deliver key information whilst also giving a feel of my personality."

13. Branding box

creative resumes

We love the little touches with this adorable branding box

"Rather than sending a covering email and a CV, I posted multiple self promotional mailers to companies I would like to work with," explains designer Emma Hopkins. Packed full of adorable badges and an entire catalogue featuring her work and skills, this is a package any agency or client would be lucky to receive.

14. Medication

creative resumes

Relieve your creative pain with this fake medication CV

Designed by Cai Griffith of She Was Only, this fake medication résumé design for copywriter Jon Ryder is pure genius. The leaflet inside explained that the medicine could be used for the 'short-term treatment of acute, moderate creative pain', detailing how to store it, all known interactions, side-effects and whether or not it can be used while operating heavy machinery.

"The active ingredients in Jon Ryder are creativity, originality and typing. Together, they form a powerful painkiller (analgesic) that works by eradicating stress that naturally occurs in agencies during busy times. it works by increasing the flow of ideas through the system."

The leaflet adds: "Drinking alcohol with Jon Ryder will not cause any adverse effects. Mixing Jon Ryder with moderate alcohol consumption after the end of the working day may improve effectiveness."

15. Carton of milk

creative resumes

Potential employers are offered up a creative lunch box with a milk carton CV

"I decided to create a Milk BOX with my CV on it, so I could send it to the agencies inside a 'Creative Lunch Box'," explains designer Miguel Rato. Using the ingredients to showcase his skills, such as 'High Calories for Photoshop' and 'Medium Calories for HTML and CSS', it's a truly innovative way of getting the right kind of attention.

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