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Cash in on smartphone snaps with 123RF On-The-Go

Looking to make money from images you have taken with your smartphone? The 123RF On-The-Go app could be perfect for you.

Taking stock photo-quality snaps with your smartphone has never been easier with the advent of high-resolution cameras built into mobile phones. However, ensuring you're financially compensated for your images is less simple, particularly when you're on the move. Well, now iPhone users can easily monetize their photos thanks to the 123RF On-The-Go mobile app.

123RF On-The-Go allows you to snap, tag, upload and monetize images taken directly from your iPhone. It is perfect for those moments where you've either taken a spontaneous snap in the wild or just a quick picture of your local high street antics.

Once you've captured the moment, you can tag your photos to enable easy retrieval, and upload them immediately or save them for later. Once you've built up your online stock photo portfolio, you can keep track of your earnings by using the app's sales tab.

The app has been created by 123RF, the leading global provider of royalty-free microstock content, with a wealth of potential media buyers from all around the world on-hand. Once your images have been accepted through the app, media buyers are able to search and browse the images within 24 hours; allowing you to monetize your images easily and quickly.

The app features a user-friendly interface to make capturing and submitting pictures as easy as 1-2-3. 123RF has also utilized the trend for rewarding app users with badges and other bounty, popularized by the likes of Foursquare and GetGlue. Users can complete fun tasks to earn 'Stars' plus win cash and other prizes.

The app was launched at the Cannes Lions Festival by's Vice President Leon Hudson, who shared a few words of wisdom. "We're confident that we have developed the perfect platform that ensures proper exposure for each photo submitted as generates 20 million unique visitors monthly. To date, we have 62,000 verified stock content contributors and 22 million digital assets in our media library."

He adds, "You may not carry a DSLR with you at all times but you certainly have your smartphone handy. Now, anyone can capture a moment wherever they are and cash in on their amazing shots."

Plans are afoot for an Android version of the 123RF On-The-Go app. For the latest news and information on this app and 123RF, visit

123RF On-The-Go can be downloaded for FREE at

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