Illustrative card game is a playable art gallery

This brilliantly inventive card game takes some of football's biggest names and turns them into art.

kampion card game

Tonnes of illustrators have taken part in this brilliant playing cards project

There's been plenty of beautiful custom playing card designs but this latest offering combines art and the upcoming football season. Kampion Card Game is a football card game with beautiful artwork from worldwide artists, each one creating one card/player with his very unique style. The end result is a gorgeous playable art gallery.

"The project started just for fun a few months ago," explains creator Lourenco Cunha. "I decided to send some emails to some illustrators and the reaction was fantastic. We already have more than 150 cards, and every day we are contacted by new illustrators wanting to join. It became a truly collaborative effort and a homage to football idols."

"We have three game modes, two of them very traditional and one totally new one that is currently being beta-tested by 10 of our fans. It should be made available to everyone in the following weeks." Football fans, designers and lovers of creative endeavours will adore it.

kampion card game

kampion card game

kampion card game

Find out more and buy the cards over on Kampion Card Game.

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