CA Inspiration - 2 November

Once again, we ask for amazing things to look at and you deliver them. Here's today's crop of fab

One of these days I'm going to have to accept that nobody bothers to use the brilliant #CAInspiration hashtag that I concocted specially for this enterprise. One of these days, but not today. Enjoyed today's collection? Why not send things for tomorrow's update via Twitter, or just click this and paste in your link. Didn't enjoy today's collection? Send us something better, then!

Nicolas Monin Baroille Mark Twain

Nicolas Monin-Baroille - Mark Twain

Raul Urias I Am Old School

Raul Urias - I Am Old School - via Nicolas Monin-Baroille

Paul Vera Broadbent Delaroche The Execution of Lady Jane Grey

Paul Vera-Broadbent - Delaroche: The Execution of Lady Jane Grey

Rob Ives Animated paper toys

Rob Ives - Animated paper toys

Oneedo - Apache - via Paul Mason-Barney

Christine Hale Dogphabet

Christine Hale - Dogphabet - via James Shedden

Owen Jones Hulu logo

Owen Jones - Hulu logo

Fabian de Lange 01 BASE

Fabian de Lange - 01.BASE

Ron Gervais - Japan Help - via Oliver Sin

Iman Qumhieh The Tower

Iman Qumhieh - The Tower

Igor Scekic Sliced Fruits

Igor Scekic - Sliced Fruits

Andy Martin - Ant Pass And