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Computer ArtsTutorial

Create a pop-up promo card


06 Add a sentence or two letting the potential client know where they can view more work and how to contact you. I gave a boxed outline effect to my text, and underlined it (go to Window>Type>Character, select the drop-down menu, go to Underline Options and tick Underline On). Select the colour and experiment with weight and offset measurements until you achieve the desired effect.


07 Before you print, delete the dotted line running through the centre of your page, leaving two small markers at either side of the page to subtly indicate where you should score the card. When you have printed your design onto a suitable card stock, use a bone folder to score the card where the folds will be. The design should be horizontally scored across the top of the tabs, at the top and bottom of the letters, and through the middle of the page.


08 Once scored, start to cut around the sides of the text and along the dotted markers of your tabs using a sharp scalpel. Be careful not to cut around the letters and tabs completely – they need to remain attached to the top and bottom of the page.


09 The next step is to pop out your design. To achieve straight edges, push a metal ruler into the scored areas, to encourage the page to fold. The text should be folded three ways – the bottom scored edge folds up, the middle score folds down and the top scored edge folds up. The card should also be folded through the centre (which I did last).


10 To finish, back your design with some brightly coloured and contrasting card to emphasise the 3D effect, using double-sided tape to stick the two pages together.

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