The designer Christmas gift guide, part two

Lacking inspiration when it comes to buying gifts for the designer in your life? We've got your back ... Today: the best posters, postcards and books

Ah, yes, when Computer Arts was young, we were happy to find our Christmas stocking stuffed with simple gifts – thick-knit sweater, Ball in a Cup, a satsuma or two ... How times have changed. To ensure you're giving great presents this year, we suggest you consult part two of our Christmas gift guide: the best posters, postcards and books from monthly magazine feature Designed for Life.

Know Your Condiments tea towel

Crispin Finn - Know Your Condiments tea towel

Do you think of tea towels as kitsch monstrosities emblazoned with cats and images of Spanish seaside towns? Then this striking – and informative – design by Crispin Finn is for you. 100% cotton, woven label, drying dishes still a chore. (£10.00) 

Sally Beerworth Postcards

Sally Beerworth - Mistletoe postcard

We've featured Sally Beerworth's colourful, quirky and occasionally caustic creations on before, but these unique postcards (£9.50) with their bon mots are something else. They're made from stiff, matte card, with one side blank for your own witty messages. 

Quoteskine Volume One

Lee Crutchley - Quoteskine Volume One

From personal project to internet smash, and now a book. Lee Crutchley's Quoteskine Volume One (£10.00) combines famous quotes and song lyrics snippets with funny and poignant sketches.

BB - KK Posters

BB-KK - Alice in Wonderland poster

These posters offer a modern twist on four classic children's stories, using a mixture of original and contemporary illustrations and though-provoking quotes from the original texts. From $50 each, $160 for the set.   

Donna Wilson Exercise Books

Donna Wilson - Exercise Books

Scottish designer Donna Wilson created this set of three exercise books (£9.95) as a souvenir to celebrate community-building project Create 2012. Each book has a different design on the front with maps on the back showing the best places to swim, cycle and "do handstands" in east London. Great for kids. 

Main image courtesy of Shutterstock