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Ding Dong!

Magpie Studio salutes Britain’s posties with a special print project

We had a fab little surprise in the post this morning. It’s a little book called Ding Dong that Magpie Studio’s made to celebrate the humble postie at Christmas. “We all love a visit from our postie at Christmas,” it says, “We say they’re the unsung heroes, and they’re seriously special.”

And so Magpie sent out a photographer to snap a selection of posties, then immortalises them in this great little book. Printed on hefty card stock and hand bound with, of course, a traditional Post Office red rubber band, it’s a lovely bit of recognition for the people making sure that all your Christmas cards are turning up.

Want a closer look? Head over to Magpie Studio’s site for lots of behind-the-scenes pictures documenting Ding Dong’s creation, as well as plenty of the studio’s other work.

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