Stunning Pixel Show video by HelloHikimori

Mesmerising 5-minute movie created by French designers David Ronhel and Nathalie Melato of HelloHikimori for São Paolo event

Created as a personal project for the Pixel Show 2011 exhibition, 011.Pixelshow x HKI, tells the story of a pin-up model (Jil Knezevic) who enters a tattoo parlour to receive a Pixel Show 2011 tattoo.

As the film unfolds, the thoughts, feelings and actions of the twin protagonists are described onscreen using tentacle-like motion graphics and floating ID tags -- the result is beautiful, captivating and mesmering.

Commenting on the ideas behind the video, director and HelloHikimori co-founder David Ronhel told Computer Arts:

"Nathalie [Melato] wanted to do something with a tattoo artist and I wanted to do something with a pin-up, so we merged the ideas and made the tentacles as a result."

Stunning PixelShow video by HelloHikimori picture 02

Stunning PixelShow video by HelloHikimori - picture 02

Established in 2004, HelloHikimori (HKI) is an independent studio that specialises in graphic design, and digital / motion graphics. Past and present clients include L'Oral, Diesel, Perrier and Paco Rabanne.

The full 011.Pixelshow x HKI video is available here: