Tado's dreamy "Daydream" watch goes on sale

Watchmaker Vannen has teamed up with Sheffield-based illustrators Tado to create the XL series watch

The design of the Vannen Daydream XL watch has been created by Mike and Katie of Tado. The pair have conjured up a bright, optimistic world filled with cute and colourful characters. It also features and engraved crown, plus overprinted blue clouds on the watch's crystal.

Mike and Katie of Tado show off their latest creation - the Daydream XL watch for Vannen

Every one of the 150 Daydream watches that have gone on sale today for a very affordable $85 (£53.30) come with a matching cardboard case, which have been individually signed and numbered by Mike and Katie. As an added bonus, one lucky buyer will also find a Tado sticker inside, which can be redeemed for a a pair of unique Tado characters: 11.4cm Edgar, who looks like a pyramid, and 7.62cm Tak! (below).

One lucky Daydream watch buyer will receive these Tak! (left) and Edgar (right) figurines

The "Daydream" watch is the latest in a long line of colourful creations from Mike and Katie, covering everything from fashion to advertising as well as exhibitions and solo shows. Their project work has certainly proved popular with their clients, who have included MTV, Nickelodeon, Vodafone, Microsoft, Sanrio and Virgin among others.

Close up of the Vannen Daydream XL watch case, created by Tado

Vannen is famous for creating affordable, limited edition watches which feature designs by artists and illustrators from all over the world -- and it makes sure they received a fair share of the proceeds from any sales. It also helps to promote the work of new and existing artists.