Adobe Illustrator CC is now 10 times faster

Six updates to shout about in the 2015 release of Illustrator CC.

Some will argue that the 2015 updates to Adobe Illustrator CC are more evolution than revolution – Photoshop CC has certainly received more attention – but there are a number of features to make some noise about.

So what's new for Illustrator in Adobe's 2015 Creative Cloud release? Here are six highlights…

01. It's 10 times faster than CS6

Adobe Illustrator CC has received a significant performance increase in today's 2015 Creative Cloud release. Thanks to a Mercury Performance System boost, it's now 10 times faster than CS6 – making panning, zooming and scrolling both faster and smoother.

02. Improved Zoom maginfication

Focus on the details with an improved zoom magnification in Illustrator CC

Zoom magnification now goes up to 64,000 per cent – rather than the previous 6,400 per cent limit. This means you can create and edit with greater precision.

03. New Chart tool

A preview of a new Chart interface lets you create custom graphs, charts and infographics – instead of being forced to use the presets – and share them with others via CC Libraries.

04. Access to 40 million stock images

Adobe Stock is also available for non CC members

Adobe's new stock content marketplace, Adobe Stock, lets you find, license and manage royalty free images and vectors from within Illustrator CC.

There's a choice of 40-odd million to select from. Simply save your selection to your Creative Cloud Libraries and drag it into your project to use. (You can read our in-depth report here.)

05. Scale up Sketch art

It's now possible to scale Photoshop Sketch drawings up to four times their original size without losing quality – so you can use them in large formats like posters and so on.

06. Never lose your work

Auto-save will keep your work safe

If Illustrator crashes and you've forgotten to save, simply relaunch and your file will be restored. Illustrator gives you the option of quickly diagnosing what caused the crash, such as a corrupt font or out-of-date driver or missing plug-in.

Head over to the Adobe blog to find out more.

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