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Discover how sounds make you feel with this mesmeric website

Amplifon's Emotions of Sound site uses sound and colour to target your emotions.

emotions of sound
How will each sound make you feel?

We all know that we're affected by sounds different - a baby crying will make some feel broody, whilst others will want to tear their hair out in annoyance. The 'Emotions of Sound' website from design agency Epiphany Search have combined beautiful imagery with a wide range of sounds to see how they make you feel.

Designer Bryan James explains, "In Google Chrome (and Opera), users are given something a little bit more, through the utilisation of webkit-filters. Hue-rotates are used to firstly loop around constantly on the first screen, setting the mood for the variation of moods a user is about to go through, before then being executed in a way which is reactant to the user's mood.

"Upon rolling over an answer, the hue of the moving imagery blends towards a colour which evokes the emotion the person is feeling, such as blissful pinky-yellows for feeling broody, or fiery reds when a user may feel annoyed." Give it a try and see how you feel!

Emotions of sound
Emotions of sound
Emotions of sound
Emotions of sound
Emotions of sound

See how the sounds make you feel on the Emotions of Sound website.

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