Guerrilla artist creates keyboard lifehack

Make sense of your QWERTY keyboard with this humorous guide by Dismaland artist Darren Cullen.

Keyboard guide

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Your computer's QWERTY keyboard is a mess, just look at all those letter keys in the wrong order. How are people meant to type with this bad UX right at their fingertips? Thankfully Darren Cullen has made this useful chart to guide you around your keyboard.

Simply titled the 'Keyboard Guide', this humorous creation is from the same mind behind the Pocket Money Loan shop found at Banksy's notorious Dismaland theme park.

Darren Cullen

Darren's satirical work was a perfect fit for Banksy's Dismaland

"The proper technique, used by professionals, is to look up the deisred letter in a 'keyboard guide'," explains Darren.

"This way, by quickly and conveniently following the line to the corresponding button, you can locate the required character on your actual keyboard in a matter of moments, dramatically increasing both your productivity and wellbeing."

This guide is now available as a limited edition poster from Darren's Etsy page.

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