Teaser: 99Frames animation contest

99Frames is a competition for animators to create a short using Cinema4D with guess how many frames? Check out the teaser and find out more here!

The teaser you see here was created by freelance motion designer and animator Neekoe using Cinema 4D and After Effects CS6 for the 99Frames Social Animation Project.

99Frames was started last year by David Drayton from Maxon Computer with the aims of highlighting some of the awesome features of Cinema4D R13 and showcasing exciting new work - "It’s about having fun, learning and sharing your work with the world," Drayton says on his Tumblr blog.

Animators were invited to create shorts of 99 frames in length, using at least one Cinema 4D R13 feature, to be judged by a panel of professionals. The project was such a success - as you can see in the mash-up video above, made with 99Frames 2011 entrants' clips - that it is back for 2012.

The 99Frames Tumblr blog teases: "Be prepared to participate in this year's 99frames. We got a lot of exciting things going on. Super cool professional judges and tons of prizes to win. Tell your friends, workmates and family to participate and spread the word that 99frames 2012 will soon begin!"

To join in with 99Frames 2012, follow @99Frames on Twitter for all the latest updates.