Creepily creative masks for dark-side desk toys

Six artists worked on these spooky desk toys - ideal for creatives with a dark outlook on life...

Desk toys are becoming increasily creative, inventive and addictive as time goes on. Blue Frog is the toy customising company of Buckinghamshire based graphic designer Gary Boon and here, he's curated some rather special creations for his 'Masks of DOOM' series.

Just one of the 'Masks of DOOM' designs on offer

For Gary's first custom resin toy series, he asked six artists from around Europe to each created two custom designs on his original resin mask - UME Toys, Don P, BashProjects, Messymedia, Dr. Barbados and Uncle Absinthe.

The collection will be displayed at Toy Con UK on 6 April and each toy will also be available to buy. If you'd like a personalised design of your own, you'll be able to purchase a blank mask for your favourite artist to work their magic on. You can also purchase a DIY version if you fancy trying your hand at custom toy design.

The original mask design by Gary Boon
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