40 eye-catching flyer designs

How do you grab attention in an instant? From club nights to sporting events, these awesome examples of flyer design point the way.

A brilliant flyer design can do wonders to help promote an event or product and get people excited about it. Artwork and printing are key factors in its effectiveness, of course, but the overall design, especially use of colour, needs careful consideration in order for it to achieve its purpose.

With more and more media competing for eyeballs than ever before, it's a real challenge to grab people's attention these days. And the art of flyer design is a great place to get inspiration. Here are 40 examples of flyer design that got it right to help inspire your next project.

01. Mondopolitani Art fest

Flyer design: Montserrat
Montserrat is a reliable choice

Claudia Alexandrino is art director at Italian creative studio The 6th, and every year she creates the visual identity for the Mondopolitani Art fest. For the 2015 event she chose a striking colour palette and used Montserrat Regular and Bold to make this flyer.

02. Panama Plus

Flyer design: Panama Plus
Beautiful, vivid colour gradients

Panama Plus is a subculture festival of art, music, creative performance and writing. Munich-based design bureau Moby Digg, working in collaboration with ZOO, took the vibrancy of the fesitval as inspiration to create a this vivid, colourful artwork. Each piece of material for the show features a circle filled with a different bright colour gradient which is then fed through a glitch generator. The result is a beautiful, eye-catching series of visuals.

03. Kari Feinstein's Style Lounge

Flyer design: Karl Feinstein
Fantastic type treatment draws the eye

Freelance graphic designer and illustrator Eugenia Anselmo used this creative type treatment to produce a digital flyer for Kari Feinstein PR. She actually made a selection of options for this brief, each of which is an interesting experiment with the same look and feel; take a look at the gallery on Behance.

04. Rundgang DMI

Flyer design: Rundgang DMI
Each department gets its own version of a common style

Rundgang DMI is an exhibition in which three university departments at HAW Hamburg - Design, Media and Information - showcase their work together. The promotional material therefore had to represent each separate department in a way that tied them together to make it clear it was a single show. villa studio did a superb job, giving each department its own colour and type, but maintaining a single theme across the three flyers.

05.Général Sherman

Flyer design: General Sherman
Nature photography is a theme in this bar's visual identity

Général Sherman is a particular giant sequoia tree located in a national park in California, and also the name of a bar in Montreal, Canada. Design agency BZOING have used the foliage of the tree and some beautiful type for their flyer. It fits nicely with the general branding for the bar, which incorporates photography of leaves, twigs, fruit and herbs.

06. Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse

Rethink in Canada came up with an excellent way to promote the Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse in Toronto. Realising that cats don't read flyers, no matter how good they look, it got their attention by spraying the paper stock for this direct mail campaign with catnip concentrate. "Cats went nutso for it," says Rethink, "And so did their owners!"

07. Joanna Kosinska

Flyer design: Joanna Kosinska
Joanna Kosinska's flyer shows off most of her skills in a compact package

Joanna Kosinska is a freelance graphic designer based in West Yorkshire who loves creating logos, websites and brochures. To drum up business she created this beautiful A3 Z fold flyer, printed on 350gsm recycled paper. The illustrated cover folds out to reveal a little about herself and her skills, and on the other side is a capsule portfolio featuring a few selected samples of her work.

08. Manage Your Day-to-Day

Flyer design
Is it a promo flyer or a motivational poster? It's both!

To promote Manage Your Day-to-Day, a 99U book about how the way we work has to change, Matias Corea, Raewyn Brandon and Jocelyn K. Glei from Behance created this fold-out flyer/poster. "The idea was to create a print piece that would give people a succinct overview of the book, while also giving them something with lasting value," says Brandon. "Thus, the piece folds out to create an active experience of learning about the book; then, when it's fully unfolded, the piece works as a motivational quote poster that you can tack up over your desk."

09. Says Who

Flyer design: Says Who
It might look like junk, but this smart promotional package is anything but

This promotional package for design collective Says Who was created by South African based illustrator Shaun Hill and ticks all the right boxes. The Says Who Junk Mail pack includes a Take-out Menu, Junk Flyers, 14-page illustrated booklet, a poster as well as a pack of 20 chicken stickers.

"It was made from a variety of left over paper stocks, such as brown cardboard, an old analysis accounting books, newsprint pad, red and yellow poster board, and some old brown envelopes," Hill explains. "Each element was drawn and run through our photocopier, then finished by hand."

10. Cook&Book

Flyer design: Cook&Book
Anyone know what sharks have to do with Christmas? Is it a Finnish thing?

For a Finnish-themed Christmas market at Brussels bookstore Cook&Book, French graphic designer Julie Joanny created this delightful festive flyer with a Christmas jumper vibe. We love the unlikely cross-stitched sharks, and the fact that if you pull at the orange collar an inner flyer comes out, with more details.

11. Loulou & Tummie

Flyer design: Loulou & Tummie
This vector illustrated flyer promotes Loulou and Tummie's speciality perfectly

Artistic duo Loulou and Tummie's latest promotional material is out of this world! Known for their eye-catching vector work this colourful flyer showcases their talents brilliantly, leaving the artwork to do all the talking and accompanied by a small, but necessary, amount of text.

12. 20 Fold

Flyer design: 20 Fold
It folds in all the right places

The brief for this project was simple, create a flyer that goes along with the folding theme of the California State University Graphic Design BFA Show, titled 20 FOLD. So, that's exactly what designer Darren Nguyen did. No matter which orientation the recipient chooses, the sophisticated design places all the necessary information above the fold.

13. Mixed Taste

Flyer design: Mixed Taste
The beautiful illustration and thermographic print job makes this flyer really stand out

This eye-catching design, by Ellen Bruss Design, was created to highlight a series of lectures at Denver's Musuem of Contemporary Art. To promote the workshops, which pair two completely unrelated topics together, the flyer features a beautiful illustration of disjointed imagery. The design was completed with a thermographic print job, leaving it with a plastic, bumpy texture, which compliments the illustrative style.

14. Drop Inn Hostel

Flyer design: Drop Inn Hostel
Return the Drop Inn's O-shaped flyer and get a reward!

This is a simple but brilliant concept for the Drop Inn hostel, based in Singapore. Created by local creative agency Bravo Company, this luxury and stylishly designed O-shaped flyer informs each recipient that the hostel has, infact, dropped its vital vowel and will therefore reward guests who return them with a discount on room rates. 

15. CSUS Spring Show

Flyer design: CSUS Spring Show
The threading of icons in the design cleverly demonstrates the artistic side and connectivity between departments

To promote its student show back in Spring 2011, California State University, Sacramento commissioned designer Christine Jackson to create these promotional flyers. The threading of various icons in the design cleverly demonstrates both the artistic side and connectivity of the graphic and interior design and photography departments.

The back of the flyer provides all the necessary event details

16. Mehrblick

Flyer design: Mehrblick
We love the playful execution of this flyer design

This flyer for the two year anniversary of Mehrblick Events - an electronic music fesitval with lots of confetti and decorations - was designed by German based artist Alexandra Turban. We love the playful execution and array of inspiring typography on show.

17. Hawes & Co.

Flyer design: Hawes & Co
Get inspired with Tess Redburn's surreal illustrations

Tess Redburn is a UK based illustrator with a knack for eye-catching flyer designs. Having been snapped up by a number of festivals, companies and businesses, her colourful and surreal illustrations provide the perfect execution and inspiration for any flyer.

18. Pastilla Digital

flyer design: Pastilla Digital
Stimulating visuals are at the forefront of this flyer design

This gorgeous flyer was created by Mexican based agency Face for Pastilla Digital. "From the very beginning the goal was to design without limits, to experiment with all sorts of different materials, inks, and finishes, and to create an output of stunning, stimulating visuals that people can't help but want to collect," they explain.

19. No Regrets

flyer design: No regrets
The main illustration was created by artist Pahito

This typography packed flyer design was created by Overloaded design for a themed party in the city of Rosario. The team worked  in conjunction with Pahito who handled the main illustration. A brilliant colour scheme and chalk-like execution.

20. Muah!

flyer design: Muah
We love the experimental lay-out of this flyer design

This custom typography, silkscreen flyer design was printed on limited run in special colour edition in A5 size. We love the experimental lay-out and the careful selection of colours. Designed by Czech Republic studio Anymade – we love their style!

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