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How to create retro graphics

Illustrator tutorials

Create a retro T-shirt graphic in Illustrator

This Illustrator tutorial takes a look at how to create a T-shirt graphic (pictured above) with a cool, retro feel. There's only a few simple steps. Form simple vector shapes with the Pen tool and then add textures to create that retro aesthetic.

How to make vintage vector textures

Learn how to use halftone patterns and to add a retro, hand-printed effect in this Illustrator tutorial. You'll be one step closer to mastering the Illustrator Brush libraries.

How to Create a Retro Inspired Logo in Illustrator

Ever wanted to create a retro style badge design in Illustrator? This time-lapse tutorial will show you how to create a really simple logo using just two fonts and a few graphics. 

How to create a vintage type postcard

illustrator tutorials

Get the vintage look with this postcard tutorial

Follow this in-depth look at the process of designing type for a vintage style postcard. This Adobe Illustrator tutorial delves into clipping masks, using bitmap images, working with layers and type effects.

Create detailed vintage typography

In this Illustrator tutorial you'll discover how to customise a typeface and then use Photoshop to create a stunning vintage detailed typographic design.

Create a '50s ad poster

Get vintage inspired with this '50s ad poster. You'll be creating images as well as vintage typography.

Design cool, scalable pop art

In this Illustrator tutorial, Nils Davey, from Binary & The Brain, guides you through the process of making pop art-style vector graphics.

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