100 amazing Adobe Illustrator tutorials

Create a greyscale monochrome vector portrait

With a bit of effort you can use Illustrator to create a portrait like this

You might not immediately think of Illustrator as the right tool for creating a portrait, but this tutorial by Sharon Milne will set you straight. Here she takes you through her process for creating a monochrome vector portrait from a photograph, using a picture of transgender vlogger and activist Aydian Dowling as her subject, with stunning results.

How to add depth to abstract illustrations

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Create an elaborate, eye-catching and abstract illustration

This is one of the more effective Illustrator tutorials we've come across. Focusing on the Ellipse and Lasso tools, see how you can create a sense of depth in your designs by using drop shadows. The result? An elaborate, eye-catching and abstract illustration.

How to create atmospheric digicollages

Ever tried a digital collage or 'digicollage'? Today is as good a day as any. Follow BECHA as she walks through a process for developing a distinct aesthetic that combines textures, photos and elements.

How to create slick abstracts with a limited palette

In this Illustrator tutorial, graphic designer Dines reveals how to create an imposing mixed-media image using limited shades.

How to create a trippy kaleidoscopic effect

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Get a kaleidoscope effect in Photoshop and Illustrator

This is a Photoshop and Illustrator tutorial double-header. Join Spanish illustrator Marti Sati as he shows you how to how to add a sense of motion to your work by combining vector illustrations with Photoshop's Pen tool. By the end you'll have a head-turning kaleidoscopic effect.

How to give your graphics a glossy shine

Luke O'Neill demonstrates how you can quickly and easily add a layer of gloss to various graphic elements. Think slick, shiny graphic buttons and icons...

How to design a mixed media portrait in Photoshop and Illustrator

Learn how to combine photos and custom artwork with style. This tutorial walks you through using your digital camera and scanner, how to introduce Smart Object/Smart Filter workflow, and playing with Illustrator's Warp tools.

Creating complex style illustrations: a process

Heinritzh Sales explains the process of creating a complex style drawing in Illustrator. It will consist of a number of layers and a fair few steps, so you'll need to be at an intermediate level for this one.

Design a branding solution in Illustrator

Sebastin Litmanovich tells you how to create a set of vector icons using a logo as a starting point. You'll learn how to combine and rearrange the shapes of an existing logo or typeface into new forms.

How to create an elegant graphic illustration

See how you can strip a concept back to basics and create versatile graphic shapes that work in different contexts. This Illustrator tutorial will help you improve your skills with the Pen and Pathfinder tools. It will also show you how best to work with bold, simple colour palettes.

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