100 amazing Adobe Illustrator tutorials

How to draw Happy Tree Friends characters

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Create your favourite characters from the hit TV series

Create this softer, cuter image of the hit series with this simple Illustrator tutorial. You'll be using the Pencil and Pen tools, as well as Ellipse tool for this creation.

Create a cool vector yeti character

Follow this step-by-step Illustrator tutorial to create a cool vector Yeti character. You'll use as many basic shapes as possible to achieve that quirky style of illustration, then bring the character to life with a palette of cold colours.

Create Courage, the cowardly dog

This tutorial is half a case-study and half a tutorial, so you may notice some fast pacing in some parts. But if you're used to Marcos Torres' illustration tutorials, you'll be fine.

Create a cute snail character

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You'll be using the pen tool and ellipse tool to create this cute snail

Here, you'll learn how to draw a snail using the Pen tool, Selection tool, Direct Selection tool, Ellipse tool and Gradient tool. Some shapes will be created with the help of the Pathfinder panel.

Create a badass hip hop character

For this Illustrator tutorial, Marcos Torres recommends that you install the San Locisco, The Black Bureau and Ghetto Wolves fonts. You can get them at Legacy of Defeat.

Create a retro fox illustration

This retro fox illustration is a great Illustrator project for beginners

Use basic shapes, stylish colours and the Warp Effect tool to create this adorable fox illustration in Illustrator. This retro illustration tutorial is a great project for beginners.

Create the Sonic the Hedgehog opening

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Create some of your favourite game characters with these tutorials

This is a more advanced Illustrator tutorial, so a previous knowledge of the software (and the character) will be helpful. It can all be crafted using a mouse, although using a tablet will make the process quicker.

Create Super Mario's head

This Illustrator tutorial is for beginners but it's a great way to practice your skills in the software. You'll be creating Mario's face using some simple and easy-to-create shapes.

How to create abstract characters

Celebrated Russian illustrator Zutto reveals how you can make a balanced character composition and add shading using vectors.

How to integrate characters into your work

We've got more Illustrator tutorials than you can shake a vector stick at and we're adding new ones all the time. In this one, Junichi Tsuneoka explains how to create a unique character, build up its background and incorporate custom type to make a stunning composition.

Create a colourful stylised portrait

This tutorial focuses on creating a vibrant, poppy portrait in Adobe Illustrator, using bright colours and transparent gradients. You'll be constructing facial features and candy hair in no time.

Create a comic book style character

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Bring some comic influence into your illustrator designs

William Beachy shows you how his company created this comic book-style flyer. Starting with a pencil sketch and then importing it into Illustrator, you should be a dab hand at drawing by the end.

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