100 amazing Adobe Illustrator tutorials

Add depth and texture in Illustrator

illustrator tutorials

Make your mark and add depth to your illustrations

Adding extra depth to an image can be a quick process that utilises some simple tools. In this Illustrator tutorial, Jeffrey Bowman explains how to use grids, gradients and textures to add depth to illustrations.

Create your own leather texture

This Illustrator tutorial shows you how to create a leather texture of different colours. This is a basic tutorial to follow and will take around 30 minutes to complete.

Adding texture to your vector illustrations

Adding texture to your vectors is a great way to give them more dimension and perspective. In this easy-to-follow video, Illustrator expert Alexandra Cecilio explains how to get the most out of textures.

Get a vector sponge texture

illustrator tutorials

Bring out your inner child with this cute sponge effect

Today designers and illustrators strive to add that retro/vintage style to their work with textures. This Illustrator tutorial covers the process of creating a cute kids-style illustration complete with a vector sponge stamp effect.

How to add textures to vectors using smart objects

In this Illustrator tutorial, see how Amy Martino designs a fashion illustration (using a vector drawing created in Illustrator) that's editable as a Smart Object in Photoshop. As a bonus, she also explains how to create and apply textures to Photoshop images to add character.

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