100 amazing Adobe Illustrator tutorials

The Easy Way to Roughen Your Typography in Illustrator

Find out how to quickly roughen your typography in Illustrator to create a warm, handmade feel, in this short four-minute video tutorial. 

How to design a headline typeface

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Creating a unique typeface can help define a brand

Whether it's for an ad campaign, product, publication or identity, a unique typeface can help define a brand, message and tone of voice – giving the client something unique. In this Illustrator tutorial, you'll look at the creative process of designing a new display typeface.

How to create a delicious chocolate text effect

Sweeten up your design with this tasty text effect. You'll need to be at an intermediate level as you will be using the Blend tool; effects like Roughen and Chrome; different Blending modes and also the 3D Extrude and Bevel effects to create perfect chocolate squares.

Create a marker text effect

Get creative with this cute Illustrator tutorial. It involves intermediate vector shape-building skills so make sure you've got those down before you go any further.

Create a BBC-inspired mosaic text effect

Inspired by BBC1's mosaic idents – recently given a 2014 refresh – this tutorial by Andrei Marius shows you how to create a colourful text effect made up of lots of little pieces.

Create The Avengers text effect

Make your text leap off the page – in the style of Marvel's logo for The Avengers – by creating a path in Illustrator, then importing it to Photoshop and applying effects and texture.

How to create an ambigram-style logo

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Bring rotational symmetry to your work

Graphic artist and ambigram pioneer John Langdon reveals how to bring rotational symmetry to your work.

How to create a custom lettered logo

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In this typography tutorial, designer Chandler Van De Water shows you how to use Illustrator CS5 to creatively manipulate letterforms in combination with unique shapes and negative space. The result? A solid, recognisable logo mark.

Create an illustrative monogram

A monogram is a symbol made by combining and overlapping two or more letters; it can be straightforward and functional, or a lot more ornamental in appearance. Here Chris Comella demonstrates how he made a monogram for his colleague's business card.

How to design an experimental typeface

In another one of our favourite Illustrator tutorials, learn how to use the Liquify tool creatively; how to combine stock imagery with custom marks; and to create an illustration from type.

Make the most of Illustrator CC's Touch Type tool

Computer Arts' Jo Gulliver reveals how to edit and manipulate live text on the fly, using Illustrator CC's new Touch Type tool.

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