Turn your doodles into astonishing fractal art

Have you ever wondered what your doodles would look like as a fractal? Wonder no more - Doodal is here to transform your art!

Doodal 1

We are big fans of doodle art here at Creative Bloq, and some of the older members of the team also like to reminisce about fractal art - the geometric artwork popularised in the late 1980s with the help of dance culture. So imagine how blown away we were when we discovered this web-based tool for creating fractals from doodles.

Games designer and mathematician Neil Thapen has created Doodal - a freehand fractal drawing program. The tool is in Flash, and runs directly in a browser. What you can see here are just a few of Thapen's examples after playing around with Doodal - the real fun comes when you have a go yourself...

Doodal 2

Doodal 3

Doodal 4

See more of Thapen's work on his blog.

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