Samsung launches the Swiss Army knife of monitors

Samsung's new monitor is also a smart TV and so much more. It has bags of style too. So is this the multimedia monitor of your dreams?

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Samsung's new snappily-titled T27B750 27-in screen can be used as both a computer monitor and a smart TV, and it’s absolutely packed with functionality.

There’s an integrated TV tuner, and it will record to a storage device. There are a pair of HDMI ports, digital audio connectivity and component video.

The T27B750 is the Swiss Army knife of monitors - it can do everything!

It has Wi-Fi to stream video to it, and you can plug in some Android smartphones - such as the Samsung Galaxy - to the MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) port so that their interface will appear on screen.

The monitor also supports Samsung Smart Hub, so you can add full smart TV functionality for less than the cost of a dedicated Samsung television.

On the downside, the picture quality is nothing special - while it's LED-backlit and Full HD, the native resolution is just 1920 x 1080 and it uses a cheap TN panel; so not the Rolls Royce solution you might have expected for the price.

If you're just after a PC monitor, then, this is probably overkill - but if you're looking for a multimedia do-it-all solution this might be right up your street.

Key info

  • Price: $550
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Size: 27in
  • Resolution: 1920x1080px

This mini-review was originally published in .net magazine issue 234.

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The Verdict


out of 10

Samsung T27B750 27in

Props to Samsung for coming up with a distinctive design and for packing in so much great functionality for a decent price.