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Marble texturing lifts papercraft lettering to the next level

These beautiful paper-cut marble texture creations from Spanish designer Noelia Lozano go the extra mile.

marble paper craft
It's the little touches that make this papercraft project stand out

There seems to be a big trend for papercraft at the moment and we can understand why - the simplest of creations can often look stunningly beautiful and eye-catching.

'GEO' by Spanish graphic designer and art director Noelia Lozano, a project completed at Madrid-based imagemakers Serial Cut, is a great example of the technique being put to inspiring use. The paper has been specially cut to be portrayed as various marble textures, which give the lettering an ususual and arresting quality.

Something as simple as these final touches can make all the difference between good work and great work. We'd argue this impressive creation falls squarely into the latter category. Check it out in more detail below...

marble paper craft
marble paper craft
marble paper craft
marble paper craft

Take a look at more of Noelia's work over on her website.

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