15 wonderful window display designs

You may be surprised how much a walk down your local high street could inspire you for your next project or design portfolio entry. With a good design eye, clothes, shoes, CDs, games and even food can be combined to create a stunning window display. Originally set up to entice shoppers through the door, the art of window display has come a long way in the past few years.

We've searched the world's shopping streets to bring you the very best examples of window display design from the very best creative directors, graphic designers and artists across the world. Enjoy!

01. Davit Muradyan for LaGalleria

LaGalleria is an Armenian luxury boutique

LaGalleria is a boutique in the heart of Yerevan, Armenia, and to publicise its Spring-Summer 2017 collection, retail marketing specialist Davit Muradyan created a set of stunning jungle-themed window displays

This isn't your average jungle gear

Showcasing hot new arrivals from luxury brands including Fendi, Valentino and Saint Laurent Paris, Muradyan artfully arranged the display so that the season's hot gear would stand out against a dense background of foliage.

02. Elemental for Ermenegildo Zegna

Elemental got to take over all 23 of Harrods' window displays

Designing, producing and installing the full set of 23 windows at Harrods might seem like a tall order, but that's what Elemental pulled off for the launch of Ermenegildo Zegna's Couture Collection by Stefano Pilati. 

The displays for Ermenegildo Zegna used every visual trick in the book

Using an epic film created by Pilati for its Milan catwalk show as reference, Elemental's designs incorporated optical illusions, soundscapes, animated lighting effects and some incredible technology, including an enlarged view of a Zegna shoe that passers-by could manipulate through their own body movements, via infrared sensors.

03. Kate Spade and eBay

Residents of NYC weren't going to miss this striking yellow window display from Kate Spade

Designer brand Kate Spade teamed up with online auction site eBay to offer a unique shopping experience – bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase 'window shopping'. 

The striking yellow window display, located in Manhattan, not only showcased the items on offer beautifully, the interactive display also allowed consumers to shop the store window from their mobile phones.

04. Artem for Selfridges

Artem created a stunning mechanical model of the solar system for Selfridges' display

This isn't the first time the quintessentially British department store will appear on this list, and for good reason. One Christmas, Selfridges got the edge on the competition by bringing in SFX company Artem to create a stunning mechanical model of the solar system, which formed the centrepiece of a cosmos-themed window display. The 2.8m gold and chrome model rotated all day, every day until the New Year, with each of the planets orbiting independently. Read more here.

05. Okamoto Studio for Barney's

the ice carvers

Shintaro Okamoto, founder of Okamoto Studio, demonstrates his mastery of the art during a live performance in “The Ice Carvers”

Ice sculptures transformed the window of New York department store Barney's Okamoto's own 'studio away from studio'. The world-renowned ice carving collective got to work carving intricate ice sculptures as shoppers watched on in awe, right next to the Ice Castles installation – a large-scale, immersive ice formation set inside the Madison Avenue window, which was transformed into a freezer just for the festive season.

06. Kristjana S Williams for Fortnum and Mason

kristjana s williams for fortnum and mason

Williams' illustrations are brought to 3D life in the Fortnum and Mason displays

Illustrator Kristjana S Williams began working with luxury London department store Fortnum and Mason on its Christmas packaging, before being commissioned to apply her richly imaginative style to the shop's windows, too. The 3D designs featured no fewer than 300 owls, roosters and macaws adorned with gems, headdresses and crowns.

07. Tequila Patrón for Selfridges

window display designs

The window display design was inspired by Bruce Nauman

"It takes sixty hands to make one bottle of the world's finest ultra premium tequila," reads the tag line on this inspiring window display design. Designed by Harlequin, the Patrón Selfridges window focused on the 60 individual hands that make one bottle of Tequila Patrón. The concept for the window was inspired by Artist Bruce Nauman’s show in 1996 entitled 15 pairs of Hands.

08. Zim & Zou for Hermes

Zim amp Zou window display

Duo Zim & Zou created a charming fox den out of paper

Zim & Zou are one of the forerunners in the medium of paper art, producing incredible masterpieces based on animals, foods, clothing and more.

Zim amp Zou window display

Everything in the window display was crafted by hand

The duo showed off their skills with an incredible window display design for French boutique Hermes. Only using paper and leather, they created a stunningly intricate fox den filled with trinkets, crockery and clothes. Read more.

09. Kyle Bean for Diesel

Leading designer Kyle Bean applied his skills to window display, with stunning results

After working with the likes of Wallpaper*, Gucci, Casio, and Wired, designer Kyle Bean has turned his hand to window displays. This scene was created for Diesel's flagship store in London and features miniature models, vines and an impressive temple. Find out more.

window display

Bean specialises in tactile artworks

10. StoreyStudio for Hermes

StoreyStudio's displays were inspired by the rock stacking practice 'gravity glue'

StoreyStudio is a London-based set designer and art direction studio that has built up a reputation for exquisite window display designs, and worked with the likes of Topshop, Harvey Nichols, and Victoria Beckham.

In Summer 2016, the studio created a series of whimsical landscapes to sit in Hermes' shop windows. The designs feature precariously balanced rocks, plants and figures, and were intended to 'explore the fragility and fine balance found in nature'. Read more.

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