Hard-hitting political illustrations will get you thinking

Produced for the opinion section of The Guardian, these illustrations get straight to the point.

political illustrations

"There are issues that really matter at this election. But Britain’s media are ignoring them" by George Monbiot

Opinion pieces in national newspapers can often change outlooks, cause arguments and increase perspective. But it's not always just the words that get people thinking. Illustrations have become a huge part of the process, putting a thousand words into one striking image.

Quebec-based creative Sébastien Thibault regularly collaborates with The Guardian, often featuring within its opinion section. This selection of his works is hard-hitting and straight to the point, showcasing a range of complex issues using simple execution.

Within this simplicity lies their effectiveness, with a focus on a single subject, that's as candid as it gets. Take a look at some of our favourites below and head on over to Thibault's Behance page to see a wider range of illustrative offerings.

political illustrations

"We accept that Russian bombs can provoke a terror backlash. Ours can too" by Mehdi Hasan

political illustrations

"Syria, Isis, Iraq... there are no easy solutions. But killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan and elsewhere draws more people into insurgencies" by George Monbiot

political illustrations

"With no serious debate or challenge, the chancellor George Osborne is taking a huge gamble by opening up Britain’s economy to Beijing" by Rafael Behr

political illustrations

"Democracy is in crisis and it seems to serve the people no longer, but rather vested interests" by Owen Jones

political illustrations

"Jeremy Corbyn would clear the deficit – but not by hitting the poor" by John McDonnell

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