How to approach publishing processes on multiple devices

UX designer Karen McGrane explains how to protect content in the "zombie apocalypse of devices".

Karen McGrane

This April's Generate New York Conference for web designers unites some of the most inspiring minds in the industry, including Val Head, Lara Hogan, Joshua Davis, Anton Repponen, Mike Monteiro and many many more.

Last year was a great success and brought together talented creatives to enthuse and inform, including the likes of content strategist and UX designer, Karen McGrane.

Karen described the importance of separating content from form. She explains how our online input systems are designed like a print document, which causes issues when facing new technologies. Creating new content for specific devices, like digital signage would be too timely and costly.

Karen gives her insight into how to battle what she calls the "zombie apocalypse of devices" - How do we protect ourselves from all of these new devices being thrown at us too quickly to tackle each on their own? She argues we need to think differently about our approach to publishing processes.

We have released the full version of Karen's energetic talk to get you in the spirit for this years' conference:

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This years' generate guests look to have just as refreshing and intuitive views on the future of the industry to inspire you. With a long list of speakers, there are plenty of reasons to go to this year's Generate.

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