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100 brilliant examples of print advertising

26. Dallas Farmers Market

Examples of print ads
Fresh veg makes up a box of fries in this clever campaign for Dallas Farmers Market

Healthy foods at affordable prices. That's the message behind this clever campaign from ad agency Firehouse for Dallas Farmers Market. Illustrations of fresh fruit and veg cleverly make up a box of fries, hamburger, bag of sweets, and an ice cream in the series of colourful posters.

27. Powers Whiskey

Examples of print ads
Taylor James and Andy Glass joined forces to create this cool print campaign for Powers Whiskey

Powers is the second biggest whiskey brand in the Republic of Ireland. To promote it, photographer Andy Glass collaborated with creative production studio Taylor James, resulting in a series of gorgeous prints depicting its honey notes, earthy tones and distinctive barley essence. The Taylor James team integrated Glass's landscape photography into the liquid and retouched the four images to create a beautifully photorealistic look for the outdoor print campaign.

28. Schusev State Museum of Architecture

Examples of print ad
Discover the full story of some of Russia's most famous buildings at the Schusev State Museum of Architecture

This beautiful illustration of St Basil's church in Moscow was created by ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi to promote the information available at the Schusev State Museum of Architecture. The campaign features a series of beautiful photographs of famous Russian landmarks, all of which travel underground and feature the tagline 'Discover the full story'.

29. OndAzul NGO: Sardine

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With a tag line of, "Is it what you expect to find in the sea? Neither do the fishes", there's plenty you can work with. Advertising agency Quê based in Brazil went with this strong idea across three print ads.

The photography is exceptional, with the clashing colours and careful shadow work. We especially fell in love with the font used for the hard-hitting slogan - almost childlike, it evokes the innocence of nature and the danger that the sea faces.

30. Parma Dairy Products: Story

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Dairy products often try to target the parent market as we all know that kids need it to grow big and strong. Sometimes, these ads can seem a little forced and often appear a bit too cutesy for our liking but this effort from El Taier/Tribu DD is brilliant.

Using two instantly recognisible stories for both parent and child, this advert will appeal to both. The simple illustration makes it clear and consise without being too busy. The campaign features cameras and games consoles but it's this sweet story approach that really caught our eye.

31. Baruel Foot Deodrant: Puppet dumped

 Puppet dumped
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At first glance, we didn't quite get this ad. But a little look closer and we can see the attention to detail and brilliant art direction that's been gaining this ad a lot of love. As it's for a foot deodorant, the puppets are actually being controlled by feet instead of hands; a humourus touch to a not-so-sexy brand.

Created by advertising agency Z+ Comunicação in São Paulo, Brazil, the whole series features a number of dumping situations including bosses and landlords. We fell in love with the puppets themselves - click on the image to see the incredible detail.

32. Wrigley's Orbit: Chicken

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Wrigley's have a history of doing some great print advertising work and this campaign is no exception. The colouring and illustration are what initially caught our eye but the silly slogan it ties in with works perfectly. "Don't let lunch see breakfast", just look at the poor chicken's face!

The illustration was crafted by Gabi Kikozashvili, with advertising agency Gitam BBDO leading the campaign. The other ad features a cow mourning its milk but we like the chicken best! 

33. MasterCard Canada: Women's Golf

 Women's Golf
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Tackling women's sport in advertising can be tricky. If you over-feminise, it can mean the wrath of many but if you don't experiement enough, it could mean a lousy campaign. Thankfully, Mastercard have mastered the subject matter with this clever and cute ad for the Women's golf tournament.

Applying their well known 'priceless' slogan, this campaign was created by Canadian advertising agency MacLaren McCann.  The photo editing and treatment of the colours are what makes this one.

34. B&B Hotels: Bacon

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This smart ad from creative German agency Publicis is a work of art. Bed and breakfast adverts can often be dull and regurgitated in their concepts but this campaign is a feast for the eyes.

Engaging the reader with quirky manipulation, it takes a while for the art direction to really sink in but once it does, we instantly fell in love. The rest of the series features a cheese sandwich as well as sausages on toast but we picked this purely for the egg yolk pillow!

35. National Geographic Kids Magazine

 National Geographic Kids Magazine
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National Geographic are arguably the most well-respected nature experts but kids these days may not take notice of them thanks to the ever-expanding array of distractions in games consoles and social networking sites.

Cape Town's advertising agency FoxP2 took matters in their own hands and decided to combine the two - nature and technology. The instantly recognisible blue bird, crafted in 3D software juxtaposed next to the beautiful real life bird makes nature stand out for all the right reasons. Instantly eye-catching!

36. Panasonic 3D TV

 Panasonic 3D T.V.
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This print advertising campaign from Panasonic immediately caught our eye. It's clever and funny whilst showing off the technology to its fullest potential. They certainly had some very talented hands on board including creative director Christian Quintana, art director Edison Saravia, illustrator Ricardo Salamanca and photographer Patricio Pescetto.

The attention to detail in this ad, on the likes of the dinosaur and the shadow/lighting effects, make all the difference. The 'old-fashioned' furniture also showcases the juxtaposition of the Panasonic 3D television, nicely highlighting the product.

37. Celcom Broadband

 Celcom Broadband
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The art direction in this campaign really blew us away. The use of paper is a tried and tested method, but Celcom manage to make it their own and highlight their tag line 'Plug in. Blast Off.' The idea is that their customers are able to access the internet wherever they are, whenever they want and whatever they need it for; hence the endless array of paper objects projecting from the dongle.

This print ad has a childish feel to it that showcases the imagination and limitless world of the internet. A simple concept faultlessly executed, which makes for a great campaign from M&CSaatchi.

38. Scrabble Squirrel

 Scrabble Squirrel
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Scrabble has been around for decades, and has popped up in plenty of print advertising campaigns. However it was this offering, taglined 'The surprising power of words', that has gained critical acclaim. We love the playful illustration and the huge metaphorical squirrel finally getting its revenge on the fox.

Of course, in the game the word 'squirrel' would receive more points than the word 'fox', which explains the idea behind this print advertising. Hats off to art directors Heeral Desai Akhaury and Pushkar Shintre for their mischievous take on a much-loved family board game.

39. Maximidia Seminars: Vintage Twitter

 Vintage Twitter
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We love a bit of vintage at Creative Bloq and this print advertising campaign is a great example of how quickly technology and obsessions with social media change. The series contains plays on Facebook, Skype and YouTube, which has had graphic designers praising ad agency Moma for their innovative campaign.

The juxtaposition of an old-fashioned, tired looking print advert, with its old-school font and traditional illustrations compared to the brightly coloured logo of MaxiMedia, helps make the brand and the ad's purpose stand out instantly. A job well done.

40. Tooth Avenue Dental Care

 Tooth Avenue Dental Care
Click the image to see the enlarged ad

There's nothing like a fantastic execution of clay models and this campaign from DM9JaymeSyfu does just that. Everyone hates going to the dentist (especially kids), so what better way to entice them than with this cute play on the big bad wolf? The wolf's teeth pop out of the page, solidifying the ad's success for its purpose.

The colours also play a huge part in the execution, as its use of yellow and blue undertones make this print ad comforting whilst still being bright enough to catch the reader's eye. A campaign to make you smile.

41. Pilot: Water Restraint

 Water Restraint
Click the image to see the enlarged ad

With a tagline of 'Pilot. Water Resistant,' the possibilities were endless. However, advertising agency GREY from Barcelona decided to take the simple approach; and it certainly paid off with this bright and nostalgic print advertising campaign. The colours are what instantly draw you in, with the undertones of blue miming those of the pen.

The text within this ad can either be nostalgic for the reader or hugely identifiable for parents, which ensures that it speaks to a wide range of consumers. A perfect balance of purpose and execution.

42. ThaiHealth Promotion Foundation: Bike

 ThaiHealth Promotion
Click the image to see the full size ad

We've all seen the television campaigns and disturbing print advertisements for driving awareness. It seems to always feature an image of a recently deceased pedestrian or a horrific crash. But instead of using these traditional tactics, advertising agency BBDO in Bangkok came up with this hugely creative idea.

The 'Don't Drive Sleepy Project' is one that adheres to all drivers and the simple illustrations ensure the seriousness of this print advertising campaign hits home. The tag line 'sleepiness is stronger than you' couldn't be executed more perfectly.

43 Bosch

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Hats off to the effects team behind this brilliant piece of print advertising for Bosch. The wood effect is striking for all the right reasons whilst still being able to ensure it doesn't look overdone and ridiculous. The tagline for the campaign, 'unexpectedly powerful', is expertly showcased; the power of the drill has actually spiralled the wall.

Now, we know most consumers wouldn't like this to actually happen to their wall but the point is put across. The colour blending is also hugely impressive. This print advert is instantly eye-catching, which after-all, is pretty important in this business!

44. Kitchen Aid Blender

 Kitchen Aid Blender
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This quaint ad didn't need any frills to get its message across. It's for Kitchen Aid, a high-tech blender which is used for smoothies and such. Of course, bananas and strawberries will get throw into the mix and this campaign simple executes the finished product: a strawana? a banaberry?

Anyway, we love the use of colour; the attention to detail; and the expert shadow effects. The small details are what could make or break a print advertising campaign, and we think it's a winner.

45. Band Aid: Hulk

 Band Aid
Click the image to see the full size ad

The recent release of Avengers Assemble saw Hulk thrust into the spotlight once more. We're certainly not complaining (he's awesome!) and it certainly calls for endless creative executions. This print advertising campaign from Band Aid showcases the ability of using a well-known character to the maximum effect.

There's no text or tag-line; just the clean image of Hulk's hand, along with the product in the bottom left-hand corner. It perfectly executes the product's strength thanks to applying it to the world's strongest character. No words needed!

46. Perrier

Click the image to see the enlarged ad

This campaign for Perrier water made quite a stir on the ad circuit and rightly so, as the art direction is quite simply stunning. You can almost feel the heat from the page, with the bottle of water looking more desirable than ever. There are some really nice touches here; such as the melting records in the background, the drooping disco ball and the second placement of the product on the waiter's tray.

The UK's leading integrated advertising and marketing communications agency Ogilvy were the brains behind this piece of print advertising, with photographer JeanYves Lemoigne taking the reigns for the imagery.

47. Hubba Bubba

 Hubba Bubba
Click the image to see the enlarged ad

Another great example of print advertising from the folks over at DDB, this time for bubblegum Hubba Bubba. The use of colour is what sparked us to feature it: just look at its depth! The focus on the lips is nicely executed, as they still look realistic (albeit a little freaky too.)

This print ad focuses on the length of the bubblegum (180cm) although the campaign may not really interest children. It seems to be trying to gain an older audience, still in-keeping with their playfulness. For us, it works well.

48. Utopolis Group of Cinemas: Titanic

Click the image to see the full size ad

This made us choke with laughter as soon as we saw it. It may not be the most beautiful or artistic campaign we've ever seen but it sure does grab your attention, for all the right reasons. Belgian advertising agency Duval Guillaume were behind this quirky take on our cinematic fantasies, which we all know, sadly, never really live up to our expectations. 

The series also features a spin on Free Willy that's just as amusing. In this particular ad, inspired by Titanic, we love the small details of the cloudy weather and the less-than-spectacular boat. Reality sucks and that's something everyone can relate to.

49. Lego

Click the image to see the full size ad

After our recent Lego art feature, we couldn't help but include a print advertising gem for our favourite toy. Our infatuation with Lego starts at a very young age and it's our imaginations that really bring it to life. This campaign brings out the child in us all; showcasing what we actually see when we play with those coloured blocks.

There is no text included within this ad, a decision which we at Creative Bloq woukd completely agree with. There are no words needed to portray the love of the product. This is a case where simple imagery speaks to itself and we think it speaks volumes.

50. Monopoly

Click the image to see the enlarged ad

Another well-known and well-loved product, Monopoly, has had endless print advertising campaigns since it first came out in 1923. Admittedly, this ad is aimed at consumers that already know the product well and for those that do, this campaign works extremely well. Obviously playing on the parts of the game, in this case the red hotels, it opens up the reader's imagination.

It was important to ensure the same colour was used throughout the entire page so that the clothes of those in the picture could juxtapose and highlight the intensity of the red. A simple, sweet print ad.

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