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100 brilliant examples of print advertising

51. Sanzer Hand Gel

 Sanzer Hand Gel
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If the first thing you think when you see this ad is along the lines of 'Yuck!' 'Euw!' or 'Gross!' then they're onto a winner. Sanzer is a brand of anti-bacterial hand-gel and it's certainly got its product's importance across with this campaign. The tag line 'What you really touch?' is portrayed perfectly with the filthy fingers and un-kept pay phone.

We love the Photoshop skills used in this great example of print advertising, down to the nitty-gritty in each of the nails. The typography is also used effectively, as the image can pretty much speak for itself. It definitely reminds us to wash our hands!

52. DeliFrance

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The French are known for being a rather quaint and sophisticated bunch, which adheres perfectly to this campaign from DeliFrance. The use of the baguette mixed with the slippers, portrays a sense of comfort, which sums up the tag line perfectly: 'Ready to bake at home.'

The shadow work within this campaign is exquisite and the tiny little cracks in the baguette really convey the rustic and comforting notion of baking at home. Also, this ad is careful not to focus on the female or male market, which ensures it speaks to any baking enthusiast.

53. Print India

 Print India
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When faced with the tagline 'The identity of young Chennal,' there could be a gush of endless creative ideas. What does 'identity' even mean anyway? We think that this print advertising campaign from Times India sums it up in the most simplistic of ways possible: the fingerprint.

Although simple, it sincerely executes what the product is and what they're about. The fingerprint made up of newspapers is showcasing that metaphorically, their newspaper makes up the identity of the young generation.

This ad speaks volumes to the consumer, as it is connecting something so personal (their identity) to their product. Very clever!

54. Nike

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We could feature almost all of Nike's print advertising campaigns, as over the years they have come up with some of the most innovative and ground-breaking ads we've ever seen. Obviously, we could only feature one and this Nike Liquid campaign really stuck with us.

The effects used to create this stunning visual are clearly where the success lies. Just look at the reflection of light in the pink liquid, or the droplets placed to perfection to ensure the image looks as realistic as possible. This print advert is aimed to showcase the versatilely and dynamic aspect of the sneaker. Nike has got itself another winner.

55. WeightWatchers

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When you think of influential print advertising campaigns, WeightWatchers doesn't really spring to mind. However, after scouring through hundreds of print ads, this is one that really stood out from the bunch. The perfectly made-up lips clashed with the greasy batch of fries makes for quite a stomach-churning effect.

Without the excess number of fries, this would probably be semi-enticing but the simple addition really gets the message across. It isn't telling you to stop this or stop that; it's telling you to 'treat yourself better.' A simple and very personal print ad that works.

56. India's Nilkamal Plastic Chairs

 India’s Nilkamal Plastic Chairs
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At Creative Bloq, we don't think there's enough illustrated print advertising campaigns out there. That's why we were delighted to stumble across this gem from Nilkamal plastic chairs. Yes, the elephant standing on one of the products obviously shows off its stability but the illustration makes it much more.

The beautiful colours and drawings were brought to you by brand communications agency Makani. The attention to detail is really what brings this piece together: just look at the fear in the elephant's eye (who, might we point out, is also staring straight at the product.)

57. Faber-Castell

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This awesome print advertising campaign from Faber-Castell not only features this little dog; it also uses the likes of a shark and an aubergine. It's somewhat freakish nature entices the reader enough to want to know what the product is, whilst still oozing a sophisticated approach.

The lighting in this advert really makes it, as well as the reflections from the dogs fur and the colouring pencil itself. The typography is a traditional one, which to the reader can showcase a trusted brand.

58. Feltrinelli Reading

 Feltrinelli Reading
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Another illustrated print advertisement, this one's for Feltrinelli books and showcases their passion for reading. It's often hard to advertise books these days, thanks to the likes of the Kindle but this sweet illustration goes back to the roots of why reading is great.

The juxtaposed colours of the typography with the hands and the book sums up the tag line perfectly: 'Reading means resisting.' Together, you and the book are shutting out the sounds of the world and to most of us, that sounds like a pretty nice idea.

59. M&Ms

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Ah, M&Ms. Probably more well-known for their television campaigns, it was this simple print ad that really caught our eye. Most people nowadays instantly recognise the layout of a keyboard and this campaign is a sweet and playful way to showcase a well-known product.

It's not just for M&Ms in general: this print advertising campaign was to raise awareness of consumers being able to customise their very own M&Ms. The tag line of 'communication just got sweeter' perfectly mirrors the sweetness of the campaign itself.

60. Mebucaine

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You know when you have one of those really sore throats? When it feels like your swallowing glass with every gulp? We've all been there and this campaign from Mebucaine, a sore throat medicine, really brings that feeling to life. The print advertisement campaign features also features a pizza made of glass (ouch!)

The colours of the glass and the structure of the pineapple is stunning with the product placement easily placed. We don't even think the tag line was needed but we still love it!

61. Yum Yum Peanut Butter

Print ads
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Dramatising Yum Yum Peanut Butter as the smoothest peanut butter in South Africa, this print advertising campaign was led by Cape Town based design agency 34 Degrees. Creative director Richard Phillips took haul of the whole campaign and we love it. Am I Collective were in charge of the illustration side of things; we love their brash and bold approach juxtaposing the teeny, tiny peanut.

The whole campaign is an absolute winner. The 3D work on this particular character is just perfect; take a look at that shadowing!

62. Poly-Brite

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We have to admit, it took us a little while to get this print advertising campaign but as soon as we did, we loved it! Poly-Brite wants to be known for its 'super-absorbant' cloths and this clever imagery showcases that important branding.

Ogilvy & Mather was the agency behind the campaign, which includes a vase and a spilt cup of tea. All three print advertisements complement each other perfectly. Its important within this sector to get the balance right between the purpose of the product and the way it is creatively showcased, and this campaign is a perfect example.

63. Church End Brewery

 Church End Brewery
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Everyone's gone Olympics mad in Britain and many businesses and companies have jumped on the sporting bandwagon to attract new customers. Being bombarded with Union Jacks can soon become creative overkill, but this print advertisement from agency Rees Bradley Hepburn hits the nail right on the head.

The whole campaign manages to capture the essense of Britain's culture in one swift photograph, whilst encorporating the sporting aspect without being too obvious. The image also complements the tag line 'Sporting Gold: A winning blend of British hops.' 

64. McDonald's

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McDonald's has had some brilliant campaigns over the years but it was this collection that really put the smile on our faces. The series features three 'kids' (in this case, little monsters) that every parent has had some sort of experience with. This print ad is successful as it immediately relates to the parent with a light-hearted approach.

We couldn't help but fall in love with character design involved. DDB was the impressive team behind the entire campaign, with Carioca in charge of the illustration and photography. A perfect combination!

65. Seitenbacher Musli Cereal

 Seitenbacher Musli Cereal
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This ad had us gawping at our screens: just look at that 3D illustration! There's so much attention to detail in this piece, which is something that a lot of print adverts can forget about. The dogs; her hair; the smoke... they're all exquisitly done.

The series sees a collection of various characters but it was this colour scheme that really caught our eye. The deep blue really makes the illustration by Monty Aji Hardito jump out from the page. A job well done by advertising agency JWT Jakarta.

66. Play-Doh

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Every kid loves Play-Doh... heck, everyone loves Play-Doh. This simple print ad works wonders on playing on the imagination; with its old-school style and bold product placement. The sticker effect is one that's been played around with many times over the years in a number of ads and this example proves it still works wonders.

Advertising agency DDB is once again behind this creative campaign. The strong colour scheme and simple approach make it an absolute winner.

67. BIC

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BIC is a well-known brand that's had some new life thrust into it thanks to advertising agency BorghiErh/Lowe. This adorable campaign, which showcases the product's ability and strength, really grabs the reader's eye.

The 3D work here is great, with the campaign also including a broken button. The only qualm we have is that the lighting is a little dark and could do with brightening up a little.

68. OMO Washing Detergent

 OMO Washing Detergent
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This print advertising campaign is for OMO washing detergent, so what better way to showcase its cleaning capabilites than dirt? The entire series, which includes a space scene and dinousaur digging, is made completely from dirt. We found this one most impressive due to the 3D aspects of the tree and the intricate details (including the apple falling from it).

This is absolute stunning work and it's all down to the fantastic art direction of Karen Vermeulen at advertising agency Lowe. A truly innovative approach to advertising washing powder!

69. Anador

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We absolutely love this quirky illustration from Bruna Guerreiro and Robison Mattei.

Most painkiller advertisements feature a disgruntled looking figure who longs for the tablet. So it's great to see this approach from design agency BorghiErh/Lowe.

This series features a number of situations in various shades of pastels that complement each other very well indeed. If we saw this advert whilst flicking through our favourite magazine, we'd definitely be giving it a second look.

70. Abbott, Ensure Active M2

 Abbott, Ensure Active M2
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Now this is a print ad you really have to look at. The hilarious series, which features a footballer and a tourist, had us laughing in seconds. We also loved the distinctive character design: you're not going to see creations like that everyday!

The simple colour scheme allows the concept to shine whilst the subtle product placement in the bottom left-hand corner is a nice touch to keep things understated. The fantastic team at JWT were once again on hand to give their creative touch to a stunning print advertising campaign.

71. McDonald's

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Illustrator Helen Musselwhite worked with legendary advertising agency Leo Burnett to create this awe-inspiring paper illustration. The design is based around McDonald's upcoming collaboration with DK Books in conjunction with their Happy Meals.

72. Bioenergy Nutrition

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Italian heath supplements company Bioenergy Nutrition wanted to promote the benefits of low levels of cholesterol and triglyceri. Milanese advertising agency Alch1m1a ADV created this macabre series of print ads casting butter as the baddie in an instantly recognisable way - sculpting three well known horror icons out of the fatty spread.

73. Royal Legion

 Royal Legion
Image © Taylor James. Click the image to see the full size ad

Following the First World War, the poppy became a symbol of the war dead in Britain and Commonwealth countries - because the bright red flower was one of the only plants to grow on some of the worst battlefields. The Royal British Legion adopted it in 1921 to help it raise funds for war veterans, and the tradition of wearing one on the 11th November (the anniversary of the end of the war) began.

The buying and wearing of poppies remains central to British life and culture, but last year, The Legion felt the campaign needed an extra push. So it created this 2012 Poppy Appeal advertising campaign.

To reinforce the message that everyone in UK society should be wearing a poppy, each ad featured a cut-out poppy revealing several different backdrops from around the capital. The campaign was the work of Simone Micheli (art director) and Rob DeCleyn (copywriter) of The Gate (see their other work here) while the CGI work came courtesy of Taylor James.

74. Brucciani: Wi-Fi

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The message behind this print ad might not be immediately obvious, but as soon as we got it we just had to share it with you. The subtle shading and use of colour is what makes this ad pop - just look at the Wi-Fi signal in the coffee cup!

It was created by UK advertising agency Big Communications, with executive creative director Dylan Bogg and creative director Billy Mawhinney. Art direction was taken care of by Ed Bentinck and designers Duncan Bancroft and Simon Dilks.

75. Master Trap: Casino

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This clever little ad has been getting a lot of love and we can see why. It's simple, effective, and funny and those are three things that make print advertising work. With the tag line, "fatal attraction", it works perfectly with the casino and Master Trap affiliation.

Advertising Agency Ogilvy & Mather, based in Bangkok, Thailand took care of the campaign and we think they've done a great job. Creative directors Wisit Lumsiricharoenchoke and Nopadol Srikieatikajohn have already collaborated on a number of successful ads and we think this one for Master Trap is certainly one of their best.

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