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Sony's explosive site may be the best parallax scroller you've yet seen

Tech giant Sony's new site is an amazing example of parallax design. See for yourself!

sony parallax scrolling

We love parallax scrolling. It can be an overused technique, of course. But when teamed with impeccable photography and inspiring typography, it can truly enhance the user experience.

This offering from technology giants Sony is unlike any parallax scrolling we've ever come across to date. It was created as part of the company's 'Be Moved' campaign, where they state: "A journalist once called us a guinea pig because the results of our experiments were copied by others.

"It was meant as an insult, but we took it as a compliment. Combining artistry and engineering IS an experiment but when artists work with engineers, every day is a chance to be moved." Scroll for yourself and see what all the fuss is about!

sony parallax scrolling
sony parallax scrolling
sony parallax scrolling
sony parallax scrolling
sony parallax scrolling

Visit the Sony: Be Moved website.

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Have you seen an inspiring example of parallax scrolling? Let us know in the comments box below!


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