19 brilliant jQuery plugins

11. Readable

jQuery plugins Readable

Set your text just right

Readable helps to make sure your text blocks stay within the optimum parameters for readability; too narrow or too wide makes your paragraphs harder to scan. There’s a great demo that shows you the edits made to running copy in order to make it easier on the eye.

12. nanoGALLERY2

jQuery plugin nanoGALLERY

A fully-featured, fast image gallery

nanoGALLERY2 is designed to simplify your image galleries, and offers multi-level navigation in albums, lightbox, combinable hover effects on thumbnails, slideshow, fullscreen, pagination and image lazy load. It is touch-enabled, responsive, fast and it supports cloud storage.

The newly released version 2 offers improved user experience, and new features such as filter by keywords, a shopping cart, social sharing, advanced hover effects, thumbnail display transitions, an info page with google maps location, and more.

13. Tooltipster

jQuery plugin Tooltipster

Fancy tooltips with Tooltipster

Tooltipster is a modern take on the classic tool-tip, allowing you to present fully HTML-enabled tooltips in semantic markup with CSS used to control the display. There are a wide range of configuration options, making it customisable for any scenario.

14. Magnific Popup

jQuery plugin Magnific Popup

A lightweight, performant lightbox

This is a lightbox plugin for jQuery that focuses on being as lightweight and compatible as possible. The developer has concentrated on performance and user experience, so it doesn't have all the features of alternative lightbox plugins, but it is super-fast and works perfectly across a huge range of devices, including High-DPI (Retina) devices such as the MacBook Pro.

15. Unslider

jQuery plugin Unslider

A tiny, simple slider

This simple little plugin is an image slider without the bells and whistles. It only slides, but as a consequence it's tiny in size and super-responsive. Slides can contain HTML, be configured with CSS and there's built-in keyboard-control support too.

16. jQuery Knob

jQuery plugin Knob

Touch-friendly dials that also work on the desktop

jQuery Knob takes input elements and converts them into touch-friendly dials that also work on the desktop. This is an excellent example of how you can tailor your content to suit new paradigms, and is worth a look for the technical approach if nothing else.

17. Typeahead.js

jQuery plugin Typeahead

Handy auto-complete tool built by Twitter's dev team

The product of Twitter's development team, Type Ahead is an easy-to-implement tool that pulls from a local or external data source as your user types in to an input box, providing auto-complete suggestions as they go.

18. Lettering.js

jQuery plugin Lettering

Get fine control over your type

Lettering.js provides granular control over individual characters in your type, allowing you to apply kerning, colour individual letters, and apply event-listeners. It also plays nicely with FitText, giving you desktop-style control over your typography while remaining responsive.

19. FitText

jQuery plugin FitText

Automatically scale your text for responsive headlines

This handy plugin allows you to fill your container's width with your type but automatically scaling the text size up or down to suit. Designed to facilitate responsive headlines, the plugin also integrates with Lettering.js to allow for granular per-character styling.

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