Amazing Lego instant camera by Chris McVeigh

The Lego-building mastermind pays tribute to the Polaroid SX-70 Camera with this functioning Lego replica.

Chris McVeigh is a man after our own hearts. Not only is he an author, illustrator and photographer, he's also massive Lego art fan and dedicates much of his spare time playing with the infamous little bricks.

His latest creation is this awesome replica of the Polaroid OneStep SX-70. And if that wasn't cool enough, the impressive model even ejects a small polaroid-style photo!

McVeigh comments on his site: "I love the challenge of building something fresh and unique with Lego. And when I come up with something I’m proud of, I’m happy to share the model files with fellow builders."

Other Lego creations from McVeigh include computers, other models of camera and cakes, kits for which can be purchased from his online shop.

Chris McVeigh's impressive Lego polaroid camera even ejects a small photo!

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