Steampunk Lego walker inspired by kinetic sculpture

Wind powered mobile sculptures provide the inspiration for this brilliant steampunk-inspired walking machine by Jason Allemann.

The Land Ship Amagosa is the latest Lego creation from designer Jason Allemann, his inspiration for the strange, motorised walking model being the Strandbeests kinectic sculptures by Dutch artist Theo Jansen.

Controlled remotely, the post-apocalyptic trading ship has been constructed in a huge amount of detail, including a fully functional crane and a cabin for the captain, not to mention the eight pairs of mechanised legs that allow it to walk around.

Allemann has been designing and building Lego models since 1999 and this is one of his most impressive to date. His talent for creating such intricate designs is enviable - well, that and the fact that he gets to play with Lego all day!

Jason Allemann was inspired by Theo Jansen's kinetic sculptures Strandbeests when developing the Land Ship Amagosa

[via Laughing Squid]

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