Model a sperm whale in Blender

Shifting to the Top view, hit [A] to select the entire model, then [W] to bring up the subdivision dialog. Choose Subdivide.

[Fig 14]

Now comes the fun part. Select the left half of the model using Box selection: hit [B], then left-click and drag a marquee over the model to select a part of it.

[Fig 15]

Delete the faces by hitting [X]. Don’t worry that you’ve removed half the model: all will soon become clear…

[Fig 16]

Hit [Space] to bring up the dialog. Type ‘Add Modifier’ into the text field to bring up the Add Modifier dialog. Choose the Mirror modifier.

[Fig 17]

Voilà! The missing half of the model reappears. Mirroring the model like this removes the slight asymmetries that are introduced when modelling by hand.

[Fig 18]

The model is starting to resemble a whale, but it looks more like a toy than a real animal. You need to refine its shape.

Start adding loops that run from the head of the whale to its tail. Hit [Ctrl]+[R] for a loop cut, left-click on the model to place and move it, then left-click again to accept the position.

[Fig 19]

The image above shows the position of the first loop; the one below shows the second.

[Fig 20]

Now start adjusting the loops to alter the cross-section of the model. Begin with the lower of the two loops you just added…

[Fig 21]

…and then adjust the upper one. The model should begin to look more organic.

[Fig 22]