New app sees Moleskine move from paper to digital

TimePage from the notepad gurus attempts to provide a link between the analogue and digital worlds.

Reknowned notebook-maker and evergreen designer's friend, Moleskine has unveiled an unlikely ally to its paper-based products – a calendar app.

Moleskine TimePage ($4.99, iOS only) is, its maker claims, the first ever to combine weather, maps and contacts with native calendar syncing across iCloud, Google and Exchange, so that all features – including the integration with Uber platform – are presented in one unified interface, seamlessly accessible as if paging through a book (there's the link!), making the time planning experience frictionless.

Moleskine's plan is to bridge analogue and digital

Information about the physical world, the people and the places are tightly threaded with time throughout the app. For example, if you are planning a meeting in an another city, you automatically see weather forecasts, estimated travel times, directions, Uber and your local contacts, all in the same page.

The app sees time as a continuous flow

The app represents a calendar as a continuous timeline without segregation of months. Users can see their schedule at a glance by day or week, freely navigating back and forth. A natural journal of their history stretches through time.

So is Moleskine cleverly attempting to bridge the digital and analogue worlds, or threatening its own existence? We know you Moleskine addicts will have an opinion, so discuss it in our comments – and we'll have a play with the app and tell you what we think soon.

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