WATCH THIS! Blade Runner-style short from Ridley Scott's son

Loom, this 4K format short from Luke Scott, has been made to promote the prototype REDray 3D laser player and stars Giovanni Ribisi and Jellybean Howie.

Jellybean Howie getting up close and personal with the law

Written and directed by Ridley Scott's son Luke, Loom is a 20 minute short that was commissioned to help showcase the prototype 4K REDray 3D cinema laser player.

Being a member of the Scott family has its good points, which include the ability to secure some major talent. Taking up the lead roles in Loom are Giovanni Ribisi and Jellybean Howie, with cinematography handled by Dariusz Wolski.

The movie takes place in a dystopian future, where meat is grown in silos for human consumption, and genetic modification is commonplace. Fans of explosions and break-dancing robots will be dissappointed, as the story unravels slowly. But this short is beautifully shot, and Blade Runner fans should certainly enjoy it.

The film was intended to push the limits of exposure and colour range, and there's a higher resolution version available for download here.

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