Discover 19 of the world's best street art locations

Some of the planet's best street art locations are brought together in this insightful infographic.

Thanks to the likes of Banksy and last year's subversive Dismaland, street art has really exploded in popularity recently. Since the graffiti boom of the 1980s that put street art on the map, plenty of artists have used the medium to create experimental designs loaded with political messages, pop culture references, or just simply amazing artwork.

With artists all over the world picking up their spray cans and stencils in order to liven up streets and buildings with their work, personalised photo canvas site Parrot Print have decided to collect together some of the best street art locations in this brilliant infographic.

Is your favourite street art location on the list?

"Street art goes largely unnoticed around the world, even though some creations rival great paintings in terms of beauty and hidden messages," says Victoria Dovaston from Parrot Print.

If you're a traveller with an interest in art, this infographic is a useful checklist to accompany your adventures. However, if you're new to the world of street art, this list also provides some great starting points for you to look into.


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