Colourful Moleskines will add zest to your ideas

Moleskine finally goes beyond black with its new collection of colourful journals.

Moleskine colour collection

These new colours complement the Moleskine brand

The latest Moleskine range has just been launched and it sees the arrival of a legendary collection of notebooks in a selection of pastel shades. With Moleskines already preferred by creatives when it comes to scribbling down ideas, sketching pencil art concepts or just making doodle art, this colourful collection is sure to be a welcome addition.

Moleskine colour collection

Excitement and escapism are at the heart of the blue book

Whereas before the choices of Moleskine cover were limited to black and red, the new colour collection offers four new hues, including: coral orange, sapphire blue, citron yellow, and willow green.

Moleskine colour collection

This willow green is reflective and composed

The soft colours stay true to the classic contemporary nature of Moleskines. By carefully developing a palette of gentle natural colours that have a freshness and lightness about them, Moleskine have created a journal to match any mood, outfit or weather.

Moleskine colour collection

Coral orange is said to be warm and accessible

Available in both a pocket and large size, this collection comes with all the features we've come to expect from legendary notebooks. With hard covers to keep your ideas safe, along with rounded corners, acid-free paper and an aleastic closure, this new collection is as practical as it is eye-catching.

Moleskine colour collection

Get a crisp, soothing look with citron yellow

With colours playing an important part in the lives of artists and designers, it's about time creatives had vibrant stationery from Moleskine to match. The only question is, what colour notebook are you?


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