Dove's phoney Photoshop action targets designers

Skin care company Dove attempts to trick unscrupulous photo retouchers with downloadable 'Anti-Photoshop' action.

Dove's advertising campaigns in recent years have focused on celebrating what the skin care company calls 'Real Beauty' - railing against the blemish-free, unscrupulously Photoshopped images of super-slim models used in rivals' ads and magazine covers.

Now Dove has sneakily gone on the attack with this guerrilla marketing campaign targeting art directors, graphic designers and photo retouchers. The company has created a fake Photoshop action that claims to add skin glow to portraits but actually undoes manipulation.

The phoney action has been made available through Reddit and other channels frequented by the design community, but regardless if anyone actually is fooled by their prank Dove will feel its point has been made.

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