50 brilliant design portfolios to inspire you

12. Sean Halpin

Sean Halpin design portfolio

Sean's simple yet cute portfolio site contains everything it needs to in one neat design

Scroll through Sean Halpin's kitsch little green world to discover how he can help you build your perfect site. His design is simple and easy to read, yet effortlessly displays his skills and talent for bold, stand-out web design.

13. Christopher Lee

christopher lee design portfolio

Christopher Lee displays his passion for toys and 90s cartoons in his designs

Christopher Lee doesn't just share his name a legendary actor, but apparently a creative talent too. His design site, The Beast is Back, showcases his punchy designs and illustrations influenced by 90s cartoons and urban street culture.

14. Resn

Resn has a portfolio site unlike any other

New Zealand-based creative digital agency Resn is known for its boundary-pushing websites, and its own portfolio is no exception – in fact, this bonkers creation is pretty difficult to sum up in words. The homepage features a glimmering, 3D gem, and when you hold down your mouse button, weird and wonderful scenes appear before you. Let go, and the site springs back to the gem.

It lacks any kind of structure, so you're probably not going to want to go for this approach on your own site, but it's worth a visit just to marvel at the team's creativity (not to mention enviable technical skills).

15. Gisele Jaquenod

Gisele Jaquenod design portfolio

Jaquebod's cute cartoons capture her personality perfectly

Art has dominated much of Gisele's life, and that is evident from her quirkly cartoon-styled portfolio. The designer's site expresses her personality, from her obvious love of animals to doodling. However, she doesn't overcomplicate things. The menus are simple and easy to navigate, and strategically, her Etsy selling page takes centre stage on the homepage.

16. Adhemas Batista

Adhemas Batista design portfolio

Adhemas Batista's colourful work contrasts with a monochrome homepage

A Brazilian-born graphic designer and artist based in Los Angeles, Adhemas Batista has worked with some of the world's biggest brands, including Adidas, Coca-Cola and Sony. His homepage design is monochrome, which makes for a powerful contrast with the riot of colour and pattern within the portfolio that follows.

17. Ryan Scherf

Ryan Scherf design portfolio

Web developer Ryan Scherf's one-page portfolio site is simple but very effective

In-between web designing, developing, writing, teach and building, Ryan Scherf found the time to create this eye-catching portfolio site. A gorgeous example of a one-page site, simply scroll down past the beautifully illustrated landing page to a number of example websites that he's worked on, followed by contacts at the bottom. Simple but very effective.

18. Charlotte Tang

Charlotte Tang design portfolio

Tang's portfolio lets her work do all the talking

Toronto-based interactive designer Charlotte Tang 'strives to marry the love of web and graphic design by finding a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics'. And is something that she's clearly applied to her portfolio site.

Users are greeted by little port holes, featuring a black and white taster of her work. Hover over each and they come to life in full colour. Click and you're led to a beautifully big image of said work, plus a short description.

19. Robby Leonardi

Robby Leonardi design portfolio

Robby Leonardi stars in his own interactive design portfolio

Robby Leonardi is a multidisciplinary designer based in New York City. Specialising in illustration, graphic design, animation, and frontend development, he has worked with the likes of Fox, Speed TV, FX Networks, myNetworkTV, and G4. He's laid out his portfolio site as a video game that the visitor can actually play. This incredibly fun interactive design portfolio will have you scrolling for hours.

20. Björn Meier

Bjorn Meier design portfolio

A beautifully simple and easy to navigate portfolio

This beautifully minimal, easy to navigate portfolio from Björn Meier is a feast for the eyes. Designed by German based agency BASICS09, the portfolio went on to become recognised on the AWWWARDS.

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