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Cute sleeve designs have added bite

Never lose sight of your plastic cup during a party with these brilliantly designed, slip-on sleeves.

cups with bite
The longer sleeve design allows you to customise your animals with names and more

Looking to unleash your inner party animal? Then check out these cute cup sleeves created by Akira Yoshimura.

Yoshimura spends most of his time designing and engineering toys, and he's brought that aesthetic to these gorgeous designs. Including both an underwater series and a safari series, the sleeves come in the form of elephants, sharks, lions, crabs, zebras, and more.

The longer sleeve on the design allows you to use a pen to write funny quotes, add theme names, or insert other comments directly onto the animal. The choice of mainly pastel colours is smart, giving these sleeves a sleek look as well as adding to their playful approach.

cups with bite
cups with bite
cups with bite

To find out more and make a purchase, check out the Moma store.

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