How to draw and paint - 100 pro tips and tutorials

23. How to create manga with a Wild West twist 

Combine two distinct genres to create a dynamic manga composition in a Wild West setting, complete with a bar-room brawl.

24. 12 top tips for great composition

How to draw composition

From the Golden Ratio to implied lines, Dan Dos Santos shows you his favourite tricks for creating strong compositions.

25. How to play with perspective

How to draw perspective

Game artist Sergey Kolesov reveals how to capture an extraordinary image by playing with scale, contrast and perspective.

26. Create a dramatic composition with multiple characters

Create a dramatic composition with multiple characters

Illustrator Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña paints an image of conflict from Greek mythology and passes on some tips.

27. How to direct a viewer's eyes around a drawing

How to direct a viewer s eyes around a drawing

Illustrator Nick Harris videos his process of directing people's gaze around a painting.

28. How to give your art a sense of motion

zombie dancers moving

Lauren K Cannon talks you through three pro tips for painting multiple figures in motion.

29. Use perspective to create a dynamic image

Mark Molnar shares some of his tips for making a front-view action scene pop, using perspective lines.

30. How to create a striking landscape

How to draw landscapes

Paint a dramatic landscape using vibrant hues in Photoshop with Paul Canavan's easy step-by-step guide.

31. How to paint atmospheric rooftops in ArtRage

Nick Harris looks upwards to create an atmospheric aerial scene.

32. How to create an atmospheric scene

How to draw atmospheric scenes

Mark Molnar uses shadows and suggestion to create an atmospheric nightmare scene.

33. How to paint a dusty, gloomy underground scene

Watch these tips on how to paint a dusty gloomy underground scene

Game studio Digit's Denman Rooke shows you how to get a sense of environment with minimal lighting.

34. How to use detail and textures to create a sinister scene

gringe final image

Armed with muck and mire, artist Cynthia Sheppard pulls dark details from everyday imagery.

35. How to bring a landscape to life

nick harris landscape

Nick Harris reveals how to create a foreboding anthropomorphic landscape that looks like it's straight from the pages of a fantasy novel.

36. How to paint a planetary smash-up

space mashup final

Creating high-impact planetary collisions is a must for aspiring sci-fi artists, says Lauren K Cannon.

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