How to draw and paint - 100 pro tips and tutorials

37. How to draw ultra-realistic clear glass

How to draw realistic clear glass

Master distortion and reflection to create ultra-realistic glass with Henning Ludvigsen's easy guide.

38. How to create a broken mirror reflection

broken mirror

Digital illustrator Chester Ocampo reveals how to paint a convincing reflection in a broken mirror.

39. Mastering metals: how to depict silver

In this video, Italian artist Sara Forlenza explains how she achieves the look of silver in her digital art.

40. How to paint a realistic trail of smoke

5 steps to paint a realistic trail of smoke

Artist Paco Torres explains how knowledge of light and use of layers can produce a realistic smoke effect.

41. How to create the effect of a magnifying glass

magnifying glass

Book illustrator Nick Harris explains how to master the magnifying glass in four simple steps.

42. The trick to painting someone half-submerged in water

With these tips and video tutorial, illustrator Nick Harris reveals how to paint wet!

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