How to draw and paint - 100 pro tips and tutorials

43. How to paint magical glowing runes

Conjure up a magical scene with mystic runes that really glow, rather than just appearing yellow.

44. How to paint underwater lighting

French artist Melanie Delon shares four steps to create the effect of underwater lighting.

45. The trick to painting light on a bright day

When Karla Ortiz isn't creating art for a string of big movies, she teaches art – here she shares some tips on painting light.

46. Create a positive emotion with colour and light

Mark Molnar's tips will ensure your digital painting has a bright and joyous feel to it.

47. Master drawing light with these tips

Master drawing light with these tips

How using a light ball can provide a constant reminder of your light sources when painting.

48. Create an angelic backlight for your character

main backlight

Dave Brasgalla gives his character a halo, using backlight for an angelic glow in four simple steps.

49. How to use bright white light without losing detail in your art

A few ways to use bright white light without losing detail in your art

Illustrator Paco Rico Torres reveals a few ways to master this cool-looking, easy-to-achieve effect.

50. How painting in black and white can improve your art

How to draw using black and white

Painting in black and white can offer artists a number of benefits, says concept artist Charlie Bowater. He shows how here.

51. How to colour your manga art like a pro

Manga meets art nouveau in illustrator Genzoman’s striking workshop.

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